10 Award-Winning, Parent-Approved TV Shows Kids Love

It’s no secret that keeping parents and their children happy at the same time can often be an ambitious and lofty goal, especially when it comes to entertainment choices. While most children would rather spend their days on the couch watching television, parents would rather their kids be learning something. Thankfully, TV show producers are catching that drift and are creating shows that kids enjoy watching while they learn something at the same time.

Parent’s Choice has put out a list of their favorite shows that kids love to watch and parents love because they teach their child something worthwhile. The entire list can be found on Parent’s Choice’s website, but ten of their favorites are highlighted below:

  • Sesame Street (ages 2-5 years)

Sesame Street has proved itself time and time again as it has lasted through the years. The show is known for addressing important cultural issues, such as inclusion, kindness, and positive reactions. Additionally, the show teaches educational lessons such as letters and numbers.

  • Dora the Explorer (ages 2-5 years)

Something unique about this show is that it begins introducing children to Spanish at a young age. Kids today who spend time watching Dora can often speak several easy Spanish vocabulary words before they can tie their shoe or write their name. Other shows, including another award Parent’s Choice pick ‘Go, Diego, Go!’ have also picked up the same idea.

  • Dinosaur Train (ages 3-6 years)

This show, created by the Jim Henson Company, introduces young children to a variety of different dinosaurs as well as other aspects of our prehistoric world.

  • Family Game Night (all ages)

A fun show for kids of all ages (and their parents!) to watch, this show features on screen families participating in life sized versions of popular games. The show, produced by The Hub, also encourages viewers to have fun playing games as a family at home.

  • Bubble Guppies (ages 2-5 years)

This appealing show produced by Nickelodeon features pre-school guppies who are on a quest to learn and invites young viewers to join them. With songs, questions, activities, and side stories to reinforce the episode’s focus, children are sure to learn along with these young fish.

  • Sid the Science Kid (ages 3-6 years)

This show is perfect for young scientists who love to experiment and find out how things work. The show’s website also reinforces lessons that each episode teaches and is easy and safe for youngsters to navigate.

  • Electric Company (ages 6-9 years)

A revamped version of a favorite from the 1970s, this show tells a story which ideally helps children learn how to handle certain problems. The show also teaches math and language, while beginning each episode with the explanations of five new vocabulary words.

  • Biz Kid$ (ages 12-16 years)

This show is aimed for pre-teens and teenagers with dreams of getting involved with business. Offering very applicable and valuable lessons, skits and field segments are used to introduce viewers to smart money handling and management skills. The show also helps teens get started on the right foot by learning good spending and saving habits.

  • Degrassi (ages 13+)

Produced by Nickelodeon and aimed at teenagers, this show tackles real life issues that many teenagers face today. Subjects such as dating, breaking up, bullying, fighting with friends, and managing the stresses of school are all addressed.

  • Design Squad Nation (ages 9-12 years)

This show, aired on PBS, helps pre-teens learn about engineering and use creativity to solve problems. Encouraging tweens to think outside the box and be inventors, this show is great for kids to learn that anything is possible.



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