A Slew of Fun Activities to Make Your Kids Happy and Healthy

Whether you have one, two, three, four or more kids, the one thing that you should never skip out on when it comes to raising them is giving them enough time to play. In fact, all the non-school age kids seem to ever do is eat, sleep and play. This is all part of the growing up process and as parents, you should make sure to spend as much time as you can with your growing up children.

The Importance of Getting Kids to Play Outdoors

The one problem that most parents are probably dealing with these days is getting their kids to actually go out and play. Unlike back in the days when the Internet, cable TV and gaming consoles are not available yet, playing with other kids is the main means of entertainment that they had. But now that there are iPads, XBox, PlayStations and other gadgets that they can easily play with at home, it might be a bit difficult for parents to encourage their kids to get out and mingle with other children of their own age.

Remember that it is very crucial for the well-rounded development of kids to play outdoors. Not only will being physically active do wonders for their health, but getting proper sunshine is crucial to their physical development as well. More importantly, playing with children of the same age will contribute a lot towards their social development.

Make these Indoor Activities More Fun for Kids

It's a Big World Little PigNow, if you do not necessarily have the time to be around your kid when he or she is playing outdoors, what are the indoor activities that you all can engage in as a family? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make reading more fun.

Reading is definitely a habit that you should instil in your kids as early as their toddler years. Fairy tale books for little girls, adventure stories for little boys, these fascinating anecdotes will take them to an entirely different world. For younger kids, you naturally have to read the stories out loud to them. But once your child develops reading skills, you can use age-appropriate books with bold illustrations and colorful drawings.

  • Get your kids interested in music.

Is your child interested to play drums, the piano or a guitar? Once you see that your child is naturally inclined to play such musical instruments, ask them if they would like to take formal lessons.

  • How about playing some cornhole?

Cornhole is the perfect game which can be played just right outside your house – but minus the need for your kid to travel far. This is a perfect game for toddlers which is uncomplicated yet fun. When setting up a play date with other kids, get your child to enjoy this and other indoor games that they can play.

  • Other fun activities for your kids to participate in.

You can also play a number of board games as a family. Every so often, give your kids a treat by sticking a cartoon or animated movie on your DVD or Blu-Ray player – make sure to prepare plenty of popcorn. Just use your imagination and you are bound to come up with plenty of activities that your kids will enjoy, be it indoors or outdoors.

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