About Me

Heather is THE Dallas Single Mom! and has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth for over 10 years. She has her BA from Hawaii Pacific University and her MBA from University of Maryland – University College. Read her online resume and portfolio. She is employed in the energy industry, loves to run, cook, write, read and run. She is also a member of Toastmasters and loves doing speeches. When the kids are asleep she is devoted to Dallas Single Mom as well as her other activities which include:

1)  An officer for her Toastmaster’s organization called the Electric Toasters

2) Featured radio show guest and single mom expert for Plaid for Women.

3) Sea World San Antonio #Wildside Blogger

4) Member of the eBay Parent Panel Ambassador team since the Summer of 2011

5) Writer and Freelancer for Examiner.com for Dallas Culture and Events, Single Parenting and Kids Nutrition and Exercise

6) Social Media Street Team for the TX Conference for Women

Who is the main cast at Dallas Single Mom?

Heather – The Dallas Single Mom

Cameron – The oldest child. She’s currently in Kindergarten. Cameron enjoys basketball, painting, Skechers and apples. She is currently taking swim lessons and can’t wait to go to the water park when they open in the summer. Cameron is an Aries and was born during the year of the golden pig in Chinese Astrology.

Baylee – the middle child. She’s currently 3 years old and has an intolerable accidental nickname called Chubette. She loves her cookies, strawberries, bananas and tacos. She is in no way obese. She is a great singer and loves singing and reading. Her astrological sign is Cancer and she is a tiger in Chinese astrology.

Cody James – the youngest child. He was born in 2011 and his sign is Leo. In Chinese astrology he was born in the year of the golden rabbit. Cody James or CJ is an aspiring escape artist. This little Houdini has successfully used screwdrivers to break child proof locks off of drawers and has successfully removed baby gates off of door frames. This very observant little boy has the biggest smile and loves removing his diaper and walking around the house naked.

Who is the secondary cast?

The Ex – there’s not much to say about him except that he is Cameron’s dad. We were divorced in 2008 and we still struggle today with those legal fees. I keep my attorney on permanent retainer – so far my longest relationship.

Mom (aka: Grandma) – She’s grandma and plays a big role in the kid’s lives.

Sister – She and her family live down the street and she’s 5 years older than me.

The Purpose of this Blog

The reason Dallas Single Mom got started was because a psychic told me to do it. Clairvoyant, Sandra Larson is a pet psychic and clairvoyant who first introduced me into the world of creating an online business or brand. She told me I’d be very good at it and here we are today. In February 2010 I was in a pretty big quagmire with regards to my ex who decided to take me back to court and dispute custody by filing for full custody of our daughter Cameron. Within his statements he garnered from an ex-boyfriend (Cody’s biological dad) who I had a very bad break up with, he filed in court that I was on drugs, in a gang and abusive to my daughter. None of which was true and which even the judge and everyone in the courtroom found was not true. He then decided to stop paying child support or paying way less $250 a month than what he was earning even though at the time he stated under oath he was making $65,000 a year. So I learned that I could not rely on the whims and the emotions of others nor could I rely on that child support. So I created an additional income stream to make up for the child support money I was not receiving from not just my ex but also the other fathers of my other children. Yes, it’s a messy story but it has a wonderful ending and an even wonderful future.

What you will gain from this blog and from Dallas Single Mom?

Dallas Single Mom specifically writes about life as a single parent, co-parenting, divorce, women’s empowerment and dating as these are the basis for how she has thrived as a single parent. On a secondary basis you will hear from guest post bloggers on parenting, product reviews, may get to win something and hear all there is to hear about Dallas.

Dallas Single Mom is set to launch a full service blogging agent program by helping bloggers access their full potential as a brand and subject matter expert, rather than just a purveyor of other brands and services. This will include tips on blogging, social media, writing, ebooks and publishing, and creating informational products. She will also be teaching classes about blogging and social media and she is available for paid speaking engagements and teaching. If you are interested in joining this program or hiring Heather for any of these services, please don’t hesitate in contacting her.

You can contact me via email (Email me!) or via the contact page!