And the conversation on Twitter continues . . . . .

So apparently Kung Fu Panda did not stop there. He actually facebook messaged some of my friends to tell them that he’s glad that his wife has loyal friends. Seriously? What is this joke trying to do? Get people to see his side of things? What’s funny about it is that none of this even concerns him. He wasn’t there and he doesn’t even know exactly what happened. Of course you can read his rants about how I can’t be friends with his wife right here!

So let’s pray for my friend because obviously her husband is a nut case.

Thanks Cedar Hill Mom for the support. I would never turn my back on her but I do respect their marriage and so if one says so, then it has to apply to both.

Yes, DFWHappenings it was very awkward but I vented it out. What’s funny is that the people involved are not the ones complaining. It’s a completely idiotic individual outside of all of this that is upset. Has me thinking?!?! Conspiracy?!?! I think he knew all along and invited her to a shower I planned on purpose. That wouldn’t surprise me. Also, let’s face it. Is there a reason why he’s so passionate about this? CB4A is his boss so is there something going on that we don’t know about.

Kung Fu Panda’s wife can say he’s protecting her but from what? I know in my blog post about seeing my ex’s girlfriend I didn’t even mention Kung Fu Panda’s wife so what is he protecting her from. Then when she text messages me, he steps in. Oh come on! Why don’t you just say what’s really going on? Getting to close to the boss . . . maybe? For my friend’s sake, I hope not. You have a baby on the way.

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