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Passengers wait to collect their luggage at American Airlines baggage claim at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

This is a great comprehensive list of travel apps put together by the folks at The Best

9 Travel Apps for the Thrifty Student

Everyone likes to travel, but not everyone can afford it. And if you’re a broke college student, it’s time to get inventive and thrifty about the globetrotting you can do. Whether it’s armchair tourism, skirting TSA issues, or finding a place to stay when you’re broke and stranded in a strange country, we’ve got you covered. For the traveling or wannabe traveling students, here are our nine top travel apps. Read More here!

 I previously wrote about some of my favorite travel apps. Here’s a recap of some of the apps that I use for iPhone. I’m going to be exploring Android ones with my HTC Droid Incredible provided by Verizon Wireless. #VZWA and #samp. Anywho, here are the apps:

foursquare – Foursquare Labs, Inc. – Personally I like checking intofoursquare locally so why not do so when you travel. For security purposes, you may not want to Share your checkins on social networking sites and so you have the opportunity to do so, but you can get great advice from locals and get discounts on restaurants, eateries, stores and more. In an earlier article I wrote about the Dallas-Fort Worth International airport offering travelers discounts on shops and restaurants if they check-in.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants – TripAdvisor LLC – I used this recently on my vacation to Maui in the spring in order to find some great restaurants to eat at.That’s how I found the restaurant Star Noodle in the Lahaina area of Maui, Hawaii.

KAYAK Mobile – – I use Kayak on a regular basis on the PC and now I can use it on my iPhone or tablet. They use a search matrix algorithm to find the best deals on air travel

TripIt – Travel Organizer – FREE – TripIt – TripIt allows you to keep track of all of your online itineraries in one place. A must for busy families trying to keep everything in place. I used this for all my itineraries on my trips and it keeps things organized. You can also add photos as objects to your itineraries.