Christmas toys for the newborn

If 2012 is your first Christmas with a newborn baby, you have the exciting holiday ahead of you. What can you buy for that newborn? Face it, you’ll probably have a lot more fun shopping than the baby will ever realize.

Mobile- Baby Toys


Mobiles are always great for babies. One of the goals with a newborn is to teach him to enjoy being in his own bed. The mobiles are usually just beyond the infant’s near-vision, so they are intrigued by the figures just out of focus. The movement of a mobile is predictable in its circular motion, but random in the way the figures sway about. Some babies learn to shake their crib to make the figures move. And, you don’t have to have just one mobile, although it’s usually recommended that you only use one at a time. Change them out periodically. Remember, your child can’t read yet, and maybe they’d like a new “story”. Just be sure to keep the mobile raised out of reach as the baby gets old enough to stand in his crib.


Yes, babies need chew toys just like puppies do! No- they don’t need puppy toys, but there are plenty of chew toys out there that babies can enjoy. Remember that doctors say that cutting teeth is so painful that adults would have to go into the hospital to do it! Teethers that can be placed in the freezer are good, because the cold temperature will help to numb the baby’s gums. Basically, the baby will bite and chew on the toys, trying to force the unexposed tooth to break through the gum. A supply of teething rings and other chew toys that can be cycled in and out of the freezer are crucial for the baby as he starts cutting teeth.

Rattle- baby


These days, rattles and jingly toys are more carefully monitored to make sure they can’t cause hearing damage. These toys are great for teaching babies cause and effect. Once they learn to grip the toy, as they move their hand, they hear a sound. From there, they gradually learn that they can control the sound. If the beads in a rattle are visible, the baby will eventually learn to watch the rattle, tying in kinesthetic (movement), auditory (hearing), and visual learning in one activity.


The newborn baby may not be able to open packages at Christmas this year, but Mom and Dad will sure enjoy doing it for the baby! Include a squishy toy in your list of gifts. As a newborn, the baby won’t be much interested in the actual feel of the toy, so if you find one with recognizable eyes, nose, and mouth, the baby will focus on it. Babies learn to recognize faces first, and a squishy toy with a face, such as a stuffed kitty, will keep the baby’s attention. Of course, the adults will want to make the toy “kiss” the baby, so the squishy construction will be great.

Jack Dunsworth loves children, when he isn’t writing he is currently employed at hippychick, a company that produce a selection of ride on toys.