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If you are a single parent that has experienced divorce and/or child custody battles, than this section will provide you the necessary tools and information that you may need to empower yourself as you go through this process.  In many cases, it’s not a done deal once the judge hits their gavel.  It’s a continually evolving process that doesn’t end as soon as your child turns 18.  I have had many of my own battles with divorce and have experienced the following things:

1)  Separation and Divorce

2)  Child custody battles up to and including visitation scheduling, education and religious conflicts, determining extracurricular activities, medical and dental decisions and more

3)  Child Custody modifications

4)  Child Protective Services  and More!

This does not replace the advice that is NECESSARY from a licensed legal professional or from a licensed therapist. These are my opinions based upon my experiences.

There’s a lot more that you can learn in this forum and my goal is to create an open dialogue or at least an open window so that you can see the bigger picture from the everyday issues that involved divorce.

Dallas Single Mom’s Top 5 Books on Divorce and Coparenting

  1.  Co-Parenting Nightmare
  2. How to Parent Successfully with your Ex! Even if They’re a Jerk! by Jill Darcey
  3. Avoid the Ten Biggest Divorce Mistakes
  4. New Beginnings for Divorcing Parents – Workbook Co-Parenting Divorce Workbook
  5. Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Parent’s Guide
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  • Wendy Browne

    Thank you for these reading recommendations. I am so relieved that my youngest is almost in her last year of HS and I won’t need to interact with my ex-husband as much as I have to now.

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