Easy Summer Travel’s a Click Away with the WhitePages App

Guest Post By Rebecca Carroll, WhitePages Marketing Specialist

Ok, you’ve got your tickets, flip flops, favorite books & stuffed animals in the bag: You’re ready for your summer family vacation.

Yes, we plan each day and make packing lists almost to the point of compulsion, but there always seems to be a “can’t live without it” item that didn’t make it into the carry-on bag, or isn’t repacked after the visit to the water park or Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

And how do you prepare for a kid who throws a shoe out the window in protest for not getting her movie pick for the DVD player? (Ok, I know that one will disqualify me from any “Mother of the Year” award). When it comes to family travel, it sometimes seems like we’re forever chasing down food, drink, a bathroom or a lost toy before we cross another state line.

Thankfully, the WhitePages.com app can help us find what we need – and still leave time to check out the beach and the boardwalk.

After having to toss sunscreen and those frozen “blue ice” packs to chill the kids’ lunch at the airport security line too many times, we just don’t pack them anymore.  Instead, once we reach our destination, we use the “Business Search” feature on our smart phones to find local restaurants and drug stores nearby.

Once, one of the kids woke up with a fever in the middle of the night; unluckily for us, we had not packed medicine; the “Nearby Stores” feature on WhitePages helped locate a 24-hour pharmacy. And the next day we found the nearest Starbucks to combat sleep deprivation.

On one family adventure, my brother was jumping waves, but one came over his head, knocking his glasses off his face and out to sea (never mind that he should have worn a sports strap). Thankfully, we found an optometrist with the WhitePages app and he was bespectacled the next day. We also took note of the doctor and veterinarian categories…just…in…case.

Hungry? By now everyone’s worked up an appetite: Take your pick of restaurant options – from chains to local finds, and food choices ranging from pizza to Mexican, Chinese and more. A Happy Meal and a toy for a cranky toddler are never too far away.

After all that, I’d say a little retail therapy’s in order – and the Shopping category has everything from local boutiques to larger chains to off-price shops for bargain hunters.

Now, to find the nearest Fedex or UPS store to ship all this stuff back home!

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