Fall Recipe Roundup: Pecan Pie the perfect dish for Fall

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There’s a reverent part of childhood devoted to recalling memories merely by a scent; the savory aroma of holiday meals, the floral breath of your mother’s perfume, maybe the fragrant brew of fermenting leaves in the fall.

That’s why cooking is much more than throwing ingredients together, it’s a pocket of childhood, relived through the senses. And nothing brings back that warm and cozy feeling than creating a special dessert like Pecan Pie.

Pecan Pie has been a staple here in Texas and many of the southern states, as a matter of fact, we Texans, would recognize the Pecan Tree as our very own state tree. The pecan nut is a cousin to the walnut and was harvested and consumed as a common staple among the early Native Americans, but it wouldn’t be until the mid-1800’s when a Louisiana slave grafted a pecan tree on a plantation that pecans would become a commercially successful crop. The trees can grow to heights upwards of a hundred feet; also their life span can reach a thousand years. And within its lifetime can produce within 50-100 pounds per harvest season.

What does that translate into useful terms for us?

Plenty! Let’s start with a couple of tasty recipes to enjoy these prodigious tree nuts.

•Pecan Pie: This is a traditional recipe that most southerners would recognize right away. There are many schools of thought about homemade crust versus store bought and also whether or not you blind bake the crust before adding the filling. The good news is that it is purely opinion, therefore as head chef you can make that ultimate decision.

The ingredients are as follows:

1 Cup light corn syrup
1 Cup light brown sugar
¼ tsp salt
3 eggs (beaten)
4 Tbs melted butter
1 + cup of pecan halves
½ tsp vanilla
Pie crust (baked or unbaked)

Preheat oven to 350°. Mix ingredients, pour into crust and bake for forty-five minutes.

Now, let’s say you love pecan pie but you are not satisfied with just the standard fare (as awesome as it is). You’ve always liked to push the envelope a little, constantly tweaking things to surpass your traditional tastes. This is where the twist comes in. Try pouring a little melted dark chocolate on that pie crust before adding the mixture or maybe add a little pureed pumpkin to your batter, a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg makes an awesome marriage of caramel-y sweet pecan with the richness of a pumpkin. Or maybe you’re the type who loves living on the edge, how about a adding a shot of bourbon for the ultimate southern bite.

You can’t go wrong here, it’s the best of all worlds!

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