Funny thing happened on my way to having a garage sale . . . eBay & $25,000

I registered for my consignment number online. I tagged all my items and got them on hangers. I loaded them in the car and then you know what happened. I didn’t make it on time and the consignment shop was closed. That was a month ago and the box is still in my living room. So now my mom decided it was time to have a garage sale. I have been very busy with work and have not had time to list on eBay so this was a perfect time for me to get everything together, organized and then out for a garage sale. Honestly, I know that I will not make a lot of money at the garage sale, yet the garage will be the one place that has everything I don’t want anymore in one place, so you know what that means? I can do a marathon session of mobile eBay posting.

As a member of the eBay Parent Panel, I have learned a lot of tricks and tools of the trade with them. It’s been a great relationship over the years as I have used eBay income to make up for missed child support payments that my ex owes me and for spending money for my vacation to Maui.

If you didn’t notice, eBay officially changed their logo. Not only that but they also launched their $25,000 sellerbration where you could win by listing your item on eBay mobile. Contest ends tomorrow the 14th.

I would consider the eBay Mobile app my top ten app for 2012. It’s ease of use, the ability to track listings online, the scanning feature of barcodes provides what I consider the best mobile app a single mom could use for day to day selling. If I had just listed it on eBay in the first place I wouldn’t be having these issues right? Start now and enter here!

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Disclaimer: I’m a part of the eBay Parent Panel ambassador and get sponsored for posts. All opinions presented are 100% my own.