Guest Post: How Football For Children Can Boost Health And Happiness

 Most kids, especially boys, will automatically want to play football sooner or later; it’s one of those sports that can be easily accessible to all youngsters. With just a few friends, a ball and a grassy area they can head out in to the fresh air and bring their dreams to life as the next David Beckham or Wayne Rooney.

We often hear in the news that younger generations are less active than in decades gone by, and that obesity rates are rising even in young school children. But the good news is that football for children is one of the ways we can tackle these problems.

The Parents Lament 

Many parents lament the fact that their young ones would rather sit in front of the TV and play football on their games console than get outside and give the real thing a go, but this is only a temporary attitude that can be changed. Given a real opportunity and a little encouragement youngsters will still take the chance to head down to the park with their mates and kick a ball around for a few hours. And this can be great news for the whole family.

At the very basic level, football for children gets them into the fresh air and being active. This is incredibly important for all youngsters as it can potentially set the tone for a healthy, active lifestyle. Enjoying exercise and making it a regular, fun activity is the real key to combating obesity. And to really drive the point home parents should get out there with their kids where possible, demonstrating that football and exercise is something that everyone can enjoy.

Kids Need Encouragement 

Most kids will get regular physical activity as part of their school week, but it doesn’t hurt to encourage them to maintain that activeness at evenings and weekends. Winter months may make it more difficult – snow, rain and dark nights are not conducive to long periods outdoors – but you can still encourage your kids to make the most of each chance to get out and play.

Exercising can help improve bone, cardiovascular and muscle strength. It promotes co-ordination and requires stamina. All this means that football for children can set kids up for healthy growth and development in later years.  But it is not just physical benefits that football for children brings. The sport promotes working together as a team, sticking to given rules and appropriate behaviour so it can help to teach kids vital social skills along the way. For those who seem to struggle to make friends it can be a great way to encourage them to interact with their peers in a safe, enjoyable way that does not force them to talk. And it has been proven in many studies that exercise boosts mental wellbeing. Being active releases endorphins – the body’s feel-good chemicals – so football for children can bring happiness in small, immediate doses.

Finally, perhaps the best advert for parents as to why they should encourage football for children: that bit of daytime activity will help them sleep better at night!

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Author Bio: Lyndon Ogden is a writer on many subjects including health and in this article he promotes the accessibility of soccer. A great way to get kids involved is through football drills and skills training for children and  which gets them off to a fast start

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