Guest Post: How to Create Kid-Friendly Sink Areas

We spend a lot of time overseeing young children in the bathroom. Our independent kids often enjoy the personal care tasks they can do by themselves, but they often do not know where certain items are stored, and have a hard time reaching things around the bathroom created for adults. Frustrated children often give up on searching for items they need and will avoid cleaning up if the tools are too hard to get to. Our tips on creating kid-friendly bathroom sink areas can save time and foster good habits.

  1. Encourage your children to brush their hair, wash their faces, and brush their teeth regularly by placing a mirror over the sink.
  2. Step stools are the safest way for children to actually see themselves in the mirror. Sturdy stools can be purchased or built into the design of the bathroom sink. You can install safety features to the faucets to make sure that the hot water will not scald the skin.
  3. Towels left on the floor cause the bathroom area to appear untidy, so encourage your children to pick up their towels and place them on a hook. Little hands often lack the dexterity needed to neatly place the towel on a flat horizontal bar, so a hook is a better option.
  4. Open shelving areas can be built into the cabinetry of the sink or around it so that children can reach in and grab the items that they need. Examples of items to place in open shelving are towels, extra soap, toothpaste, and extra toilet tissue.
  5. Encourage your children to spot clean by having non-toxic spray cleanser and paper towels or cleaning rags nearby. Use cleansers that incorporate natural oils and ingredients that will not damage the surfaces in the bathroom and will in no way present a health hazard to your kids. Children can learn how to quickly wipe down the sink so that the bathroom is left fresh for the next family member.
  6. If you are in the market to install a new sink, consider the following: Children who have trouble turning the water completely off are often the cause of a higher than normal water bill. Consider purchasing sinks that are ergonomically designed so that they are easy to turn on and off. Large families may install double or triple sinks to save time in the mornings and before retiring in the evening.  Take the time to search for bathroom sinks that flow with the current design plan of your home and make it easier for your children to take full advantage of the space.

Use these tips when planning and you will have a bathroom that is more practical and functional for everyone.

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