He Broke Up With Me How Do I Get Him Back

As yourself this question, “Do you really want him back?” If so, why? Get yourself together, you need to have your brain in the game to make this a success.

So you’ve found yourself wondering, “he broke up with me how do I get him back?” Getting back together after a breakup is never easy. And it’s not even always possible, depending on the reasons for the breakup and the attitudes of both people involved.

The first thing to look at is why he broke up with you. Was it because you cheated or he thought you cheated? This is probably one of the most difficult things to overcome. If you did cheat, you should examine the reasons why you did it. Maybe you shouldn’t be together.

If you did cheat and you know it was a terrible mistake, consider whether or not you lied about it to him. Cheating at all was a sort of lie, but when confronted did you deny it? Or did you immediately confess it? Or, another possibility, did you say nothing and then when he found out you admitted it was true?

If you did cheat, you have to realize how hurt he must be. The only way to getting back together is to make him believe that you know you made a terrible mistake, you’re sorry, and you’re willing to work very hard not to hurt them again.

If he believes that you cheated and you didn’t, there are only so many ways to prove your innocence. If he’s not willing to take your word for it, there’s really very little you can do to prove you’ve been faithful. If he doesn’t trust you, do you really want to be with this person?

If he broke up with you because he wanted to be with someone else, this is also extremely difficult. This is probably the worst situation for you. As long as he’s with the other person, he’ll probably feel no need to come back to you. There is hope, however.

When you see him and talk to him, be on your very best behavior. You want him to remember the fun and loving person that he started the relationship with. Not the one he left for another person. He may have left you mistakenly, but chances are he believed you had changed from the person he wanted you to be.

You shouldn’t try to change yourself to please him. But you should present yourself as that person he initially fell in love with. Without accusations, pleading or threats, let him know how you feel and that you want him back. And then simply be as good a friend as you possibly can to him.

This shows him that you care about him and not just about getting him back. Now you’re thinking that he broke up with me how do I get him back? I’m not interested in spending months being on my best behavior.

But it’s important that you show him you’re there for him, without trying to make yourself into a person that you’re not. It’s also important to realize that eventually, you need to move on if it doesn’t work out.

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