Infographic on Female Orgasm Types – Put down that Fifty Shades of Grey

I’m about to burst your bubble but the if you have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey you really have been missing out on a lot in the boudoir if you are not experiencing any of the ten different types of “OMG’s” as mentioned below.

Let me give you some tips on how to prepare yourself so that you can better prepare for the big “OMG” with your partner.

1) Relax – Get yourself into a place of relaxation. Meditate, drink some fine wine. Save the excitement for the event. Adrenaline may be pumping but just like that roller coaster ride, you can get excited with anticipation but relax so you don’t miss out.

2) Find your comfort zone and extend your limits. – Determine what makes you the “sexy” you. Believe it or not it’s buried somewhere inside of you and you just need to unleash it. Is it dirty talk? Is it lingerie?

3) Work out and get enough sleep – basically these two things keep your body healthy and limber so you can experience your OMG to your greatest satisfaction.

10 Explosive Female Orgasm Types (Must-Know Info!)
[Via: 10 Explosive Female Orgasm Types (Must-Know Info!)]