Is your child getting enough education time in their school day?

As the kids head back to school, we should all take a step back to evaluate our priorities and set goals for your child’s education. Even though my child is only starting kindergarten I fully intend on putting her in extra classes and tutoring for math and foreign language. I would not consider myself to be pushing too much because she has a love for learning and especially reading books in Spanish. At meet the teacher night the kindergarten teacher was reviewing with all of us parents what our children should know before starting kindergarten. Luckily I had gone to the website of the school 6 months beforehand to check out what my daughter would need to be prepared and while she was at preschool we worked on those tasks. However these are things that I did on my own as a parent. If you are a busy parent or a single parent and you want to make the most of your child’s opportunities to learn more in addition to school instruction, you may want to seek the assistance and guidance of a tutor.

The growing need for quality education

In a US News and World Report article from June 8th, 2012 called “America’s Education Problem Isn’t Money, It’s How We Spend It,” Norm Augustine wrote about the shortage of qualified students entering into engineering programs along with the high number of high school dropouts and the calamities associated with  how public school education is run. What rings true in the article is that it seems as our education system is severely lacking in comparison to the rest of the world when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math.

According to Raymond Canham, Richland College’s Executive Dean, School of Mathematics, Science and Health Professions, kids naturally enjoy science. The difficult part is getting them engaged with math, and that commitment needs to happen as early as first grade. Read More . . .

Why parents may want to begin tutoring for their children

As a single parent of very young children I’m in a fantastic position to begin investing in my child’s education early on like an early investment. This is where tutoring definitely plays a part. As I stated earlier, the US’s public education system has to undergo budget crises may be facing a shortfall in some communities. This no doubt impacts the quality of the learning process. It’s my responsibility to invest in more education if there’s a possibility of my child having less quality learning time. Tutoring such as what’s provided by Varsity Tutors, can provide tutoring for elementary to college aged students from qualified tutors for a variety of subjects including test prep. Anyone can use them for tutoring in learning foreign language for a trip to other complex subjects with qualified calculus tutors.

Consider these other factors:

  • We sometimes ask our public school teachers to teach large classes. Your child may not be getting individualized attention from their teacher. Individual tutors ensure at least some one on one instruction for your child.
  • Certain subjects may require a different method of instruction or communication. What makes looking for a tutor that has a particular specialty allows your child to choose who to work with in order to develop chemistry and a systematic learning program to ensure success. Let’s say your child needs biology tutoring, you can review different profiles such as those with Varsity Tutors and see each tutor’s qualification, specialties and degree.
  • Starting a tutoring program early can help prepare your child to be flexible, adjust to different learning environments early and encourage learning that is not just repetitive but also fun. My nephew started tutoring at a very early age and now that he is in high school he’s in all AP classes, has a very strong work ethic and overall is very mature for his age. I believe his commitment to working hard and his ability to have such great grades in AP classes is due to starting tutoring at an early age.

My personal experience

When I was in high school I had a very difficult time with math. I was never or at least I believed I was never good with numbers. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized I actually was very good with numbers. However I believe if I had a tutor early on, I probably could have learned different mathematical concepts in a different way via a different communication method and maybe I would have gotten better grades in math in high school.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is unique because not only do they provide a variety of tutors for so many different subjects, but they have a rigorous screening process for their tutors. You can find someone that not only has the credentials in their subject of expertise but these tutors are great communicators. They can TEACH and they can explain concepts and difficult subject matter. Having high test scores and high grades are not enough. Varsity Tutors also guides you through the process with local directors. These directors help you set up a schedule, find a tutor, find a location, and diagnostic services. For testing, the directors can offer guidance about all the important standardized tests. Rather than just using the school counselor that has to manage 3000 other students, you have someone in your city that can help you or your child manage their academic progress.

As I said, not only does Varsity Tutors help students with school subjects but they also help with test prep. Whether you are in high school trying to  find an ACT tutor in Dallas or SAT tutoring or you are  in college needing help with the LSAT or GRE, Varsity Tutors has the tutors for you. Even your elementary school and middle school children can get extra help with the STAAR. Or if you are trying to get your child to pass the SSAT entrance exams to some of the areas highly selective private schools, then I would highly recommend Varsity Tutors.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tutor today with Varsity Tutors. A great way to get the help you need from highly qualified and local tutors.

Disclaimer: The above post was developed in partnership with Varsity Tutors. All opinions are 100% my own.



Heather Buen

Heather has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth for over 10 years. The quintessential multi-tasker, she splits her time with her children and navigating the city. As a single mom she has a large network of friends, family & supporters – believing in the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” You can find her on Twitter at @dallassinglemom