Keeping it all in the family . . . Now my teen nephews are on eBay

Ebay has becoming an extended family affair for my family and relatives. What you choose to sell and who is doing the selling really stands out with each individual’s personality. My nephew at 12 years old is outgrowing his toys and opting for new ones. He is interested in Lego building sets and wants to become a scientist or an engineer. With the help of my sister he sold all of his Hulk toys on eBay, earned $60 and bought some new Lego building sets. My other nephew who is entering high school is a trumpet enthusiast and with the help of his dad, they purchase used musical instruments, clean them and fix them up and resell them on eBay.

These are just a few stories but it reminds me about all the media talk about teens not being able to find summer jobs. While my nephews are focused on their studies and their music this summer they are still getting what the need and saving money by selling on eBay without getting a summer job.  So I put together some tips for teens, tweens and young adults that can make money from eBay with the help and permission of their parents and guardians. I have to stress this because eBay does have an underage policy. You can read the policy here! Policies like this protect both buyers and sellers because all transactions involving an exchange of money or agreement to purchase items are legally binding contracts and most countries you can only enter into a legally binding contract with someone 18 years of age and older.

Back to School shopping on eBay

The National Retail Federation expects $83.8 billion dollars to be spent this year on back to school and back to college spending. On average parents will be spending $688.62 on for their children up from $603.63 last year. Six in ten will invest in an electronic device of some sort spending almost $217.88 on electronics, $246.10 on clothes and $129.20 on shoes. You can read more on these statistics here!

What better way to get kids and teens involved in the eBay selling process then to have them manage items they can put up for sale. If you are a single parent, you may not have lot to get your kids the extras besides the basic back to school necessities. I have already spent $100 on my daughter entering kindergarten and that doesn’t include shoes. I don’t plan on buying more clothes until Christmas so I need to buy items to tide her over for 4 to 5 months. So if you have a preteen or teen that is looking to get some extra special gear that you can’t afford, then eBay selling is a perfect venture for them.

Teens selling on eBay

Most teens, my nephews included are pretty tech savvy and very “in the know” with pop culture and what kids and teens like. Your teen can look through their own closets to see what they have outgrown or are not using.  List them on eBay. Here’s Why:

  • Teens are very mobile – the use their mobile phones much more often and are always in the know. Always connected with friends. With eBay’s mobile selling app, this makes listing items and selling a breeze for teens.
  • If your teen is not working this summer or doesn’t have a lot of activities then they have a lot of time to manage eBay selling
  • eBay selling teaches teens about managing money, earning money, performing research, budgeting and also about sales, marketing and trends
  • eBay selling is something that a teen can put on their resume if they have no work experience. How impressed would a would be company be to know that your teen understands how to sell, can increase revenue, and is tech savvy

One of the things that my nephew loved about eBay selling was all the great comments he received on the Hulk toys he had. That really made him feel good that someone appreciated what he was selling and how he took good care of it.  He took great pride in those positive remarks along with earning money.

So how can Teens get started?

  1. Sign up for an account – Register here!
  2. Set up your account profiles and look around the site for some tips
  3. Get the mobile app available either via iPhone or android eBay – eBay Inc.
  4. Just get started! has some helpful tips on getting started.

What might teens and preteens start selling off?

You could try selling anything in your closet that you don’t want anymore. Items such as good condition clothes, shoes and accessories make great items to auction off or sell on eBay. Remember eBay is not just an auction site, you can also sell items via Buy It Now. Look at what’s trending. Brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Sperry, and Hurley for teen guys. Teen girls are admiring trends from J. Crew, True Religion, Gap, Betsey Johnson, and Free the People among others.

Not only clothes but what about electronics? You may have old cellphones, hand held video games, video game consoles, graphing calculators and/or electronics accessories that you don’t use anymore. You may have an iPhone now, so if you have an ipod it might just be collecting dust. Get it out and sell it on eBay and make some extra cash for school supplies or hanging out. Speaking of school, you may have old backpacks that are still in great condition and unused school supplies you don’t need anymore.

Disclaimer: The above post may contain affiliate links. Also, I am an eBay Parent Panel ambassador member which means posts made on behalf of eBay are sponsored by eBay. All opinions presented are 100% my own as I am an experienced and successful eBay seller via my ID: runenthusiast. For more information, please visit my disclosure page.