Landscape your yard to Enjoy Fall Weather in Dallas

Landscape your yard for Fall Weather in DallasDallas has rough weather in the summer as the Texas heat mixes with the mugginess of the Deep South and Gulf of Mexico, making the air into a sticky mess that you’re usually only accustomed to after a vigorous workout at a gym that doesn’t use air conditioning. The heat protrudes all day every day, keeping people inside and reigning terror on plants around your home that often wilt due to the constant onslaught.

However, the moisture allows plants to survive, so when the heat breaks and the Fall arrives, they will grow back with full force. As the temperature drop a good 20 degrees and the mugginess subsides, being outside will suddenly become an option again. So summer is the time to prep your backyard for the coming tropical fall weather, which is one of the reasons you moved to Texas in the first place.

Check out some tips below:


You’re going to need light in your backyard at night while hanging out, and due to the dryness of a Texas summer, flammable torches or bulbs are not a good option. For safety while walking around at night and for your Dallas home security, you’ll need some subtle lights that are non-fire hazards or motion timed. You can attach timed lights to your house that shine over the backyard or based on motion sensors. For lights that can be on all night while you are outside, try solar-powered lamps that can be placed independently in different flower beds, or string Christmas lights over the yard for a subtle romantic glow.

Plants for Fall

Find plants, flowers or bushes that will grow tall and bloom in the fall, so that your backyard feels alive and as vibrant as the seasons change in Dallas. Some of the main things to plant are vegetables, such as bean pods, broccoli or lettuce, allowing you to make salad from your own backyard garden. Rose bushes are also a good thing to plant and allow to grow in the tropical fall weather because they are beautiful and thrive in Texas’ fall climate.

Build an Elevated Deck

While it might be a hot, brutal job in the summer, building an elevated deck in your backyard complete with beds for plants is a great way to prepare for the Dallas fall. This way you can have a place to sit outside and enjoy the weather in the afternoons and evenings. Make sure there is enough space for a table, chairs and an umbrella, as well as a grill, so you could prepare a meal outside while you watch, say, a football game. Also make sure the deck is well-treated for weathering, as the rain comes with a vengeance in the winter and spring months.

Revive the Lawn

The lawn will take a beating in the hot Texas summer, so as soon as that weather wanes, do everything to hydrate, feed and revive the patch of grass in your backyard. It will need it and appreciate your efforts, rewarding you with a rich green lawn for at least the next two seasons. Just like a rug in a large room, a good lawn complements a backyard, making the other polishes you have done to your backyard in preparation for fall really pay off.

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