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New Package pricing on sponsored posts

Here’s what you get for $200: Two posts that appear on Dallas Single Mom as well as my other blog Dallas Mom Deals Two additional giveaway posts on each blog  (linked together of course) I do this so that when people stumble on the post after the giveaway is over, they are not disappointed that there is no longer a giveaway.
What does this include:
$125 – sponsored post on Dallas Single Mom
$50  – sponsored post on Dallas Mom Deals
$50 – 2 Giveaway posts on both Dallas Single Mom and Dallas Mom Deals
300 – 500 words for the sponsored posts
Hero Images that are pinworthy – please provide product images
Posted Once to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
Social media reach for both blogs:
Facebook: 9135 Likes
Twitter: 13,174 Followers
Pinterest: 4346
Instagram is not included but for a hero image ad for an extra $50 you can get frontline access to my IG following.
If you’d like the $297 package you can get all of the above AND my exclusive mix of paid social media analytics techniques. I used this with a campaign I did for Corner Bakery a few months back as well as a charity I support called Vogel Alcove resulting in $28,092 in donations in one day with a Twitter reach of about 150,000. This will involve just three extra days of paid promotional activities utilizing Twitter and Pinterest. This is a steal so I would highly recommend it. I also will use this as a case study for my class so more PR for you guys. Let me know if you are interested in this upgrade or the $200 package. Thanks!

Based upon your suggestions we are redoing the site and the pricing. Thank you for your patience.


Heather Buen – Owner

Office – (972)246-8195/ Cell- (214) 215-0863



Street Credibility

Heather has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth since 2001. She is a divorced, single parent of three children. She loves traveling, going to museums, attending art shows, and spending time in Dallas-Fort Worth. She has her BA in communications from Hawaii Pacific University and her MBA from the University of Maryland – University College. She is currently employed in the energy industry and has a career spanning over ten years in marketing and communications.  She has been a freelancer since 2010 with expertise in journalistic article writing, social media consulting, blogging and public speaking.

Notables and Testimonials

1) Contributing author on single parent dating on Paige Parker’s- Dating Without Drama since 2011.

2)  Member of the eBay Parent Panel Ambassador team since the summer of 2011. Tonja Deegan from the program writes: “Heather’s work on the eBay Parent Panel program has demonstrated that she has a deep understanding of consumers and how blogs connect brands with their audiences. She is consistent, offers new ideas and has strong writing skills.” January 24, 2012

3) Writer and Freelancer for for Dallas Culture and Events,Single Parenting and Kids Nutrition and Exercise

“Heather is one of the most talented and diverse persons I have had the pleasure to work with. Her creativity and attention to detail is superb. New ideas and concepts effortlessly flow when faced with tight goals and deadlines. Heather is very team oriented; she radiates professionalism in every aspect of her career. On a personal level, Heather is outgoing and has a personality that is just plain fun to be with.”February 21, 2011

4) Social Media Street Team for the TX Conference for Women

5) Verizon Wireless Brand Ambassador since March 2012

6) Contributing author on CBS Local in June 2012 in the subject of family and pets.

Dr. Loretta Standley commented with regards to website design and SEO, “Both Heather and I are quite proficient in SEO (search engine optimization) as we both have impressive websites to prove it. Quite honestly, in the 12 years of operating this website, I am self-taught in web design and SEO just as Heather is. We are animals when it comes to understanding our own website and it is tough to find someone out there who really can take you to the next level when you yourself are an animal.”

Gina ‏@GinaDynette@dallassinglemom now following u on personal twtr acct frm rhonjsite! Ur article brought tears 2 similar to my ex.wish u the best!

Miriam Thompson ‏@MizzHadassah @dallassinglemom loved your article about single motherhood! Very well written! Very informative and provocative!

Valerie Preston ‏@FamilyeGuide– Great blogs for parents: @fwcheap @melstuffblog @afrugalfriend@dallassinglemom #FF

Advertising/Sponsorship Rates

Banners – sizes up to 300 x 250 are $150 for a period of 90 days.  Larger banners are $300 for a period of 90 days. Small banners at 125 x 125 are $85 for a period of 90 days.

Blog Posts – minimum of 500 words with two images are $175. Sponsored Posts will also include a two to three links. They are posted on both Dallas Single Mom and my sister site Dallas Mom Deals. All links are  no-follow – no exceptions. Guest posts are FREE, subject to approval but author must ask me for a login and password and be proficient in WordPress to submit their own stories and articles. I reserve the right to refuse to publish content at my discretion.

Text Link Advertising – See pricing for sponsored posts

Giveaway Posts – Due to the volume of requests, I’m limiting these to no more than 5 a month.  $50 fee per post (Item ARV can be included in the fee post. For example, if the item is worth $20, then you can either make up the extra via paypal or other form of promotional consideration)

Product Placements/Mentions – Free, but limited and subject to approval. You can send me samples, but there is no guarantee that a post will be published. If you want a guaranteed mention, then your best bet is to sponsor a post. I am specifically looking for the following items: Travel related for families, family movies, family books, family products, single parent dating related items.

Photo credit: Michael Wirth Photography (

Special Requests – Customized packages can be created upon request

What sets Dallas Single Mom apart from the rest?

My mission statement: I have a passion and excitement for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the people. This is speaking a lot for a girl from Hawaii. This passion resonates in my writing and from the earlier testimonials you just read, you are going to get a quality product. If you don’t then I will give you your money back. I approach blogging and my social media interactions with a lot of commitment and compassion. You will not get anything less from me. My opinions truly are 100%. If something needs to beimproved upon, I will let you know and offer suggestions. If I really like something, I will tell you about it. You will not get bogus information or trumped up statistics from me, because a quality brand and product requires honest feedback and advice. You can’t pay me and get any value from it, if I’m going to sugarcoat my experiences.



About 85.7% of my traffic is from the US and 73.26% of that traffic is from Texas. The top cities that visit my site are: Dallas – 7.18%, Seattle – 3.55%, Irving- 2.92%, New York – 2.66%, Ft Worth – 1.80%, Ann Arbor 1.47%, Plano 1.42%, Portland- 1.38%, Houston – 1.27%.

Professional Services

I also provide businesses and personal bloggers with the tools needed to extend their brand presence via blogging and social media management.  As you can see form my statistics above I can help you create excitement and engagement with your customers.  Let me show you how!  Contact Me!

Business Blogging

Need a blog?  Did you know that having a blog with constantly updated content drives traffic to your website?  It can increase traffic by as much as 55% and yet not all businesses do one.  It’s simple, easy to start and with my expertise in writing and blogging, I can develop a blog for you and either let you go with it, or I can develop and maintain your blog site. The best thing about it is that you have control over it and you can make it seamless with your existing website.  My expertise and passion for writing can stem from delivering news about your company, promoting sales and giveaways, describing products and services of your business, and also using lifestyle applications associated with the theme of your business.  I also will help to promote your blog’s content in the blogosphere.

  • Developing your blog and quality, high ranking content for your blog
  • Writing guests posts with links to your company site or blog on other blogs related to your target market or industry

Setup and Pricing begins at $500 and up if I maintain it. If you just need a host to host your blog, I can do that for you for a fee of $25 a month.

Social Media Customer Service

Using various software platforms, I can monitor your social media profiles to monitor your company name, products, key employees, brands, and even competitors. In this way, I can quickly respond on your behalf utilizing my experience in sales, marketing, communications, and customer service and in collections activities.

  • Create a customer service profile specifically for the area of customer service, complaints and questions
  • Training – Deliver training for your company’s customer service representatives that are responding to inquiries on the web
  • Respond to inquiries in order to collect data and customer information which can be forwarded to your business for handling.

Pricing begins at $500 and up or an hourly rate of $55 and up

Facebook Management

Perform post updates 5 days a week that include blog posts, driving traffic to the website, promotions, Facebook contests via applications tabs, social interaction pieces, media uploads and growing organic traffic via page interaction with blogs, industry insider pages and more.

Pricing begins at an hourly rate of $55 an hour.

Twitter Management

Tweet from your account at least 3 times a day, 5 times a week which can include the above aforementioned items. Also includes the customer service aspect of researching mentions, keywords and competitors.  Responding and reciprocating follows, retweeting and engaging followers and following twitter trends to determine brand specific engagement to promote your brand.

Pricing begins at an hourly rate of $35 an hour

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me!.


Heather Buen

Dallas Single Mom