Why Dallas Single Mom loves the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE for 2012

Mitsubishi Outlander

Who would love this vehicle?

There were a lot of features that I liked which came standard on the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and there were some things that I would like to see improved upon. In the short version though, this is a lot of vehicle for the money that you are spending. If I were to find a target group that would love this vehicle, I would definitely say that this car is a great buy for:

  • Recent college grads that have are already working and or already have a good paying job lined up.
  • Parents that are able to afford this vehicle for their college aged student
  • Families with up to three children
  • Young couples living an active lifestyle

So now let’s get to the Nitty Gritty. As I mentioned earlier, this is a whole lot of car for the money on a new vehicle. In this economy as we hard pressed to trim budgets and get more value for the money, I sincerely believe this is a vehicle that will get that for you. I’m very impressed with what comes standard on this vehicle in comparison to others in the same class. So let’s get started.

What I loved about this vehicle?


I thought this vehicle looked pretty cool and stream lined. The one I had was a dark grey but I really liked the look of the headlights. They looked really different from other vehicle lights and from what I heard they are Xenon lights, which means they cast a bluish tone when on and last a lot longer than the regular bulbs. It was a more roundish crossover than boxy and I stand at 5 foot 3 inches tall. I have a habit of putting things on the roof of my vehicle. In this case, I accidentally left a half eaten Sonic chili cheese Coney dog on the roof of the car when I was unloading the kids. I realized it the next day as it flew of the roof. So just keep in mind that many times if you are short like me, you may not see what you put on the roof.

The Trunk

I liked how easy it was to open the trunk and the fact that it sit high enough for me to load things without struggling to lift things too high.

The FAST-key passive entry system with panic feature and Keyless Start

This is the one feature that I loved the most. As a mom of three I typically go in and out of my vehicle upon entering and exiting multiple times because I have a lot of bags to carry. Let’s picture your typical Halloween morning for the average mom on the block. In my most recent experience, I had to carry costumes, cupcakes, goody bags, school projects, my laptop, my purse and a diaper bag. It was also cold that morning, so I had to carry three heavy jackets and a blanket into the vehicle. Days like this are normal. So how does this fit with the FAST-key passive entry system with panic feature. I don’t have to keep fumbling for the key fob. As long as it’s in my purse I can unlock or lock the door via the button on the door handle. It’s wonderful for juggling babies and diaper bags. Also, if the keys are in the vehicle, the door will not lock so you will never lock the keys in the car. In fact, if you do leave it inside and try to lock the vehicle, you will hear beeping. For the keyless start, they call it a One-touch Start/Stop (OSS) engine switch. I don’t have to get the keys out of my purse to start the engine. Just press the brake and push the engine star button on the console.

The view from inside looking up[/caption]

Interior and Miscellaneous

I really liked the panoramic glass roof because my two year old loved looking up into the sky. In TX though it can get very hot with direct sunlight so we didn’t use this as often. I really liked the dash and console with all of the many features. It lit up very well and I was able to see everything. In fact after I turned the engine off, the dash said “See You!” like a warm little goodbye. The rear camera was also another feature that I like. As a mom, I worry about kids, pets, and toys in my driveway. With this feature we can see what’s going on behind the vehicle. I used this feature a lot so when I went back to my regular vehicle, I had a difficult time making the adjustment back to turning my head. The kids were very comfortable riding in this vehicle. For car seats, I believe the anchor locks worked well for both car seats in the back. There were a lot of cup holders for everyone and even outlets for personal electronics such as phones, tablets, game devices and music players.

The electronics, extras and bells and whistles

This particular model came with Sirius satellite radio which I enjoyed a lot for listening to the news such as CNN and Fox News. It also came with a navigation system that is hands free and very useful when trying to find places to go to. I thought it was loud enough to hear the commands, lowering the sound of the radio and the map was easy to read. The FUSE Hands-free Link System with USB Port is an amazing feature for moms to drive and talk on the phone hands free. I really liked this feature a lot because as a busy mom you are managing so many different things and having this feature available while running errands is essential. Also the audio system was a Rockford Fosgate. I don’t know much about brands but the stereo system did sound very good.

Fuel Economy

I’m not an expert on fuel economy but I travel 40 to 50 miles per day back and forth from work every day. I drop off kids and pick up kids at two different locations along the way. We also do grocery shopping and run errands. I picked up the vehicle on a Friday and I did not have to fill up gas until the next Friday. Other critics have complaints about the touted fuel economy that the EPA gives for this vehicle at 25 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. I really don’t want to go into all the details of what that means. Here’s what I do know. I budget $200 a month for gas with my V6 Kia Optima. Typically I stay within that budget depending upon fuel prices which means I fill up once a week. So this vehicle would fit into my current fuel budgeting routine.


I currently have a V6 Kia Optima. In Texas, with all the freeway driving I do in the DFW Metroplex, you need something that can accelerate enough to get you on and off freeways. I like a little kick in my pedal. The Outlander Sport SE has a 2.0-liter, 148-horsepower four cylinder engine. Once I got used to it, I was still able to zip around town the way I needed to.


Avg. Paid: $19,191 – $23,599
MSRP: $18,795 – $23,295
Invoice:$18,001 – $22,311
MPG:24 City / 31 Hwy

For the premium package that includes navigation and the Sirius for 3 months the price in TX is about $24,588. This is still a bargain for a brand new vehicle.

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Disclaimer: Mitsubishi provided a 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE for a week in order to furnish my review. All opinions presented are 100% my own. For more information please visit my disclosure page.