Is this a buy or a bye-bye? The 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE

As I stated earlier, there were a lot of great things that parents will like about this particular model. Below are some areas that could make it even better.

Areas of Opportunity


I really cared for the style and color of this vehicle so I had no issues with the exterior

The Trunk

The Outlander Sport SE for a family with little ones under the age of 4 is too small. It’s about 15 inches shorter than the Outlander. The trunk/cargo bay was too small to fit my double stroller from Combi even though it fit snugly in the back with effort. On a recent trip to Sam’s Club for wholesale warehouse shopping, I could not fit both the stroller and groceries. I had to plan a trip where I could take out the stroller to fit everything. It also doesn’t have a cargo net or cover in the back of the model I tested.

The FAST-key passive entry system with panic feature and One-touch Start/Stop Keyless Start

This takes getting used to but it was my favorite feature of the vehicle so no issues with the system

Interior and Miscellaneous

The interior was too dark. When I parked in my garage the interior was a very dark color and even with the garage lights on, it was hard to find spilled cheerios or Sippy cups that fell to the floor when parked in the garage. The back seat could not fit all three of my children. Two of my kids are 2 years of age and younger so they need full

fledge car seats. My 5 year old is very tall and uses a booster but I couldn’t fit her booster between the two car seats in the backseat. This is why I recommend that families with multiple children under 4 who need car seats, this is a disadvantage.

The electronics, extras and bells and whistles

This was my favorite part of the vehicle and many of the items come standard such as the power outlets, the trip map, and the Bluetooth wireless FUSE hookup.

Fuel Economy

I thought it did fine and stayed within my fuel budget for the month

It could have accelerated faster and gone higher speeds but for the purposes of a family running errands and heading to work. I felt this vehicle did great and we enjoyed it.

So would I buy it and what would I rate it?

On a scale of ten with ten being a most definitely buy and a 1 being most definitely would NOT buy. I put this at an 8.5. My children are very young and we lead an active lifestyle which requires a lot of baby gear. The sport was able to handle it as I got creative on packing but it wasn’t a “throw it in the truck and let’s go” type of deal. However, that being said, I would buy this in a heartbeat. It’s affordable and comes with all the tech stuff and electronics that I like and which some come standard. I think it would be perfect for family road trips, daytrips and running around town. When I get ready to make a purchase I’m definitely putting this in the top 3 of my list. Going forward I’m actually excited for the hybrid version of this vehicle that is hinted to be coming out in 2013.

Disclaimer: Mitsubishi provided a 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE for a week in order to furnish my review. All opinions presented are 100% my own. For more information please visit my disclosure page.