Movie Mondays: Paranormal Activity 4 is number one at the box office over the weekend

I remember watching the first one and that one freaked me out but I have not watched the last two. Personally, I could watch episodes of Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans and the gang and get more other worldly phenomenon. I’m not really sure how I feel about this one but if you are looking for a scare it’s cheaper than going to any of the area haunted houses but I believe places like The Cutting Edge, actually will scare you. It is pretty obvious and does the same thing at providing a scare or jump scare before each event.

Basically a new family moves into the home. They befriend a neighbor boy and become his new temporary guardians after his family is succumbed due to a mysterious accident. So then of course, cameras capture all the events that take place.

On Fandango, critics and fans say “So-So.” Check the reviews here!

It’s rated R so definitely not appropriate for kids. Would I watch it? No, probably not.

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