Talking Turkey with HoneyBaked and Tailgating for Dallas Cowboys Football

When I first moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area over ten years ago, there were a few things I needed to learn about Thanksgiving. One of the first things was that Thanksgiving meant Deep Fried turkeys AND Dallas Cowboys tailgate parties. Both of which I had never done before. However, who needs the hassle of deep frying a turkey on Thanksgiving game day when you can have your Thanksgiving meal already prepared for you by the folks at HoneyBaked Ham. Football tailgating and Thanksgiving go together in Big D and if you are watching the Dallas Cowboys live with a tailgate party or having the game on fat home for Thanksgiving dinner, then you will definitely score a touchdown with HoneyBaked Ham’s new recipe turkey that has been reformulated to provide a more tender and flavorful turkey.

Since 1957, HoneyBaked is a proud family tradition. I had first heard about HoneyBaked products and the HoneyBaked Ham Company from a former manager of mine. He was a single parent at the time and when it was his turn to have the kids for Thanksgiving, he always got a turkey from HoneyBaked. If you are a single parent that either has your children this year for Thanksgiving or not, turkeys from HoneyBaked are great for controlling portions and for the non chefs, an easy way to create memories with your children and get a great meal with less time in the kitchen. It’s also perfect for taking tailgating as the turkey is already sliced for you.

Why am I blogging about HoneyBaked?

This year is extra special for HoneyBaked because they just reformulated their turkey product after selling turkeys for more than 20 years. This new recipe is something to rave about AND I have a coupon for you below. The photo above shows the turkey prior to us gobbling it all up. Their new recipe includes the following:


  • 98% fat free
  • 100% turkey breast meat
  • Slow roasted for that home-cooked flavor
  • Moist and tender
  • Available roasted or smoked
  • Each turkey breast is sliced for convenient serving and is hand-finished with our signature sweet and crunchy HoneyBaked glaze.
  • Regular price $22.99 (Around DFW is may range around $22.99 to $24.99).

There are six convenient area locations to order and pick up your turkey from HoneyBaked.

Six HoneyBaked stores are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:

    4343 W. Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220

    1765 N. Towneast Blvd, Mesquite, TX 75150

    1501 Preston Rd,    Plano, TX 75093

    360 E. Roundgrove Rd St. 860, Lewisville, TX 75067

    4201 S. Cooper #717, Arlington, TX 76015

    728 Grapevine Hwy, Hurst, TX 76045

My personal preference on the taste

The Smoked Turkey was absolutely delicious from the minute I picked up the slice from the package. They recommend that you refrigerate it right away and then eat it within 5 days. The Smoked Turkey I got was enough for 8 to ten servings and that was able to feed myself, my one child, my sister and her family of 4 and their father in law. It was a lot of food along with a few sides that we ordered. They also had their signature sweet, crunchy glaze on top which did add a bit of sweetness. The glaze and the juiciness of the turkey make it so that you don’t have to add gravy but I prefer gravy on my turkey. It was very flavorful and the best I’ve ever had.

The Sides

I actually received two sides and purchased two additional side dishes with the turkey I received for this product review. I also received dessert in the form of a cheesecake sampler. So let me just reiterate that at the time of all of this, I had just started Jenny Craig but I managed to try everything and stay within my calorie count. The side dishes I got were cornbread dressing and Sweet Potato Souffle. I then sprung for Green Bean Casserole and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. My favorite was the Sweet Potato Souffle as it could have been a dessert all on its own. The Cornbread dressing was also very good but my brother in law said it was dry and could have used gravy. The sides were great and they range in price from $7.99 or more. The cheesecake sampler was very rich with different varieties of cheesecake from New York, Strawberry, chocolate and more.

The HoneyBaked Site

Their website at is an eye opening culinary feast for the tummy. I have found some great options as well as tips in the form of what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers. I would definitely sign up for VIP offers by becoming a subscriber to their newsletter. The site gives good descriptions of what you can order and a chance to reserve a turkey or ham online right now.

Overall rankings

Taste: 5 out of 5 stars

Convenience: 5 out of 5 stars

Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Stars – friendly and easy transaction

Price: 3 out of 5 Stars – it can be a little expensive but when you balance out time in the kitchen versus time with your family or football than the extra bucks might be worth it. It’s about $22 to $24 for the boneless turkey, $7.99 for sides, and for a whole turkey $39 or more.

Recommendation: A must buy for busy moms whether it’s the holidays or even regular days. The convenient carrying box was a Godsend and it made things so much easier to transport from my house to my sister’s house. Also, you must reheat these items spending anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. The Turkey I just put it in the oven for around ten minutes on 375 just to warm it up but not dry it out.


Would you like to get a $3.00 Off Coupon? Click the image below and print out your coupon.

Disclaimer: I was provided a free turkey, two free sides, and a free dessert from HoneyBaked in order to provide this product review. All opinions presented are 100% my own. For more information, please see my disclosure page.