Product Review: Upgrade your tailgate party with Ooh La La Wines

I am so excited to be your ambassador for Ooh La La Wines. When I discovered this brand at my local Kroger Foodstores I was amazed that for the price, this wine is very good. Perfect for parties, a ladies night out and more importantly my Dallas Cowboys tailgating or football parties.

Ooh La La

Nothing describes Dallas-Fort Worth more than Dallas Cowboys football. Whether you are at Cowboys Stadium or at home, a good tailgate is a rite of passage here in Texas and enjoying a fantastic wine with friends and family creates that touch of something special that is missing from your regular beer run.

The Taste

There are four distinct varieties of Ooh La La Wines to choose from. They have Pinto Grigio, Chardonnay, Riesling and Rose Wine. With colorful and bright packaging the taste matches the cuteness of the bottle. It’s a zingy taste that is sweet but not too sweet with the Riesling. For the whites such as Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, it had no bitter aftertaste and was perfect by itself. Lastly the Rose Wine was not too dry and had a citrus note to it. You can pair the Rose Wine with cheese such as goat cheese, brie or a strong Roquefort.

The Tailgate

If you are looking to add this inexpensive wine (a little over $10 a bottle at Kroger) to your tailgate, I would give this a definite must. I would definitely pair any of these wines with some great cheeses and fruit appetizers. You can even have these alongside a salad. I actually paired the Riesling with blue cheese stuffed dates. However, even hearty cheeses such as havarti and Gruyere could go well with a Riesling. All the different varieties of Ooh La La Wines can compliment a tailgate party depending upon the varieties of food you are serving. Consider serving a well groomed salad with nuts and cheese in them. Have a cheese and crackers platter as well. You can also consider Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio for a vegetable crudite or platter. Here are a few of my tailgate favorite dishes:

A simple salad with trumpet mushrooms, a bit of pesto and goat cheese could be a great addition to a tailgate and easy to make. Toss it and pour the dressing at the party. Have it ready to eat when you get to the tailgate. I prefer to add a little bit of pesto to this particular recipe.

This would go well with the whites like Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. The salad below also includes some pasta in it and you could make this a main dish.


My favorite easy to make dish is blue cheese stuffed dates. If you want, you can wrap prosciutto around it and drizzle a bit of San-J Tamari Ginger Salad Dressing on it. Out of this world and the stiffness of the cheese with the sweetness of the dates are perfect with Riesling.


Lastly, serve mini desserts as well. Whether you make them or buy them, you can’t go wrong pairing these with the Rose Wine and the Riesling, especially with cheesecake.


My Ratings:

For cost: 5 out of 5 stars

For packaging: 5 out of 5 stars

For Taste: 4 out of 5 stars; these wines are light, if you want something hearty these are not the ones to get

For Fun: 4 out of 5 stars

Give this as a gift

Bring these wines to your next party OR give them as a gift. You really can’t go wrong with such cute packaging and great taste.

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Ooh La La Wines and this is a sponsored post. All opinions present are 100% my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more details.