Roll With It: Tips for an awesome road trip

family roadtripsFor many, the words “road” and “trip” spoken together bring many feelings and memories. For girls, it is about that special time with girlfriends during a break from school. For boys, they remember a camping or fishing trip before going back to college. And for parents, headache. But regardless of who you are, a successful road trip requires planning for the vacation to be relaxing and rejuvenating, run smoothly and be enjoyable for everyone.

Just like losing a bag or other belongings on a trip, identity theft poses just as much risk. Looking through identity protection companies, like, and seeing what works best for you is a smart choice for added security. This protection will act as a constant monitor as you are away from your home and on the road. Getting all the logistics of your road trip out of the way first opens the whole family up to a bevy of possible fun.

Determine Your Trip’s Destination

If your goal is to just drive and see where it takes you, all you’ll need is a tank of gas to get started. But if you are on a time schedule, you need to work out where you want to go and plan out the stops along the way so you get maximum pleasure and enjoyment during your trip. Planning stops along the way and sticking to a plan is your best bet, but it’s always good to prepare for the unplanned, just in case. You never know when you’ll want to pull over and take pictures of the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine.

A Place to Rest Your Head

Are you the type that considers a 3-star hotel “camping” or do you enjoy stopping along the road? Figuring out the group’s collective preferences will be key to making everyone is comfortable and happy. If you could only find a way to combine the outdoors with the luxury of Egyptian cotton, then that would make everyone on your trip a happy camper, so to speak.

Plan Your Course

Despite the popularity of road trips as a rite of passage for collective families, there is not just one way to work out a road trip plan. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do along the way? How long do you want to stay? Filling in all these questions will bring more questions to the surface. Once you have answered them all, you are ready to start preparing.


If the kids are well-stocked with tablets and smartphone games then leave them to their devices. This will give parents at least a few hours of playing the quiet game. If your family needs a break from high-tech traveling, try playing some classic road trip games. Get everyone to spy something off in the mountains or see how many California license plates you can spot. Just take it easy on the slug bug game. No one wants a bruised bicep for the entirety of the trip. Comfort is key.

Pack Smart

While packing, keep in mind you are not just planning for clothes. The bulk of your time will be spent in your car… hence the term, “road trip”. Plan accordingly. Have each vacationer bring a few CDs, music or books on tape, for maximum enjoyment, cell phone and charger, road maps to your destination, flashlight, emergency kits with flares, tissues, sunblock, hand sanitizer, and drinks and snacks are also advisable. Keep a journal… written or photographic along with your mileage, stops, weather and expenses.

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