Schools – Parents’ Allies in Protecting the Youth From Drug Abuse

Kids and addictionsOne of the worst fears of parents is drug use in children. Drug dependence can lead to all sorts of trouble, all of which waste a child’s future and his other innate talents. Thus, it is important for parents to always be on the look out for things that could indicate problems in order to face and fix serious issues as soon as possible. Parents should also not feel alone in this endeavor as schools are also trying their best to discourage drug use to protect youngsters from addiction. School authorities are aware that many drug peddlers often lurk near school grounds to draw teens. In addition, educational institutions want to safeguard children from others in the school community who also surreptitiously sell dangerous drugs.

Educating the Youth

Education is key as this helps create awareness as regards the detrimental effects of drug abuse. Schools can also highlight the negative effects of drug use not only on the user, but also on the user’s family, friends and other relationships. It’s also helpful to inform the youth about the legal consequences of substance abuse, including the punishment for the possession and selling of drugs in school property.

Searching Students

Students these days can now be searched to see if they are carrying illegal substances and also weapons. Searching no longer needs parental consent. This is often done near gates or entrances, and is performed by a school’s security team.

Random Drug Testing

In efforts to discourage drug use, many schools are now conducting random drug tests on students. Those who test positive are dealt with accordingly. Most educational institutions use proactive methods in handling drug users. Since children are young and impressionable, the goal is to rehabilitate rather than punish.

Schools often do not have the equipment and staff may not possess the knowledge to conduct random drug tests. This is why they hire experts who can do such tests. Most of the time, companies that carry out these kinds of tests are certified. Professionals can also easily identify and recognize students suffering from substance abuse. Apart from performing tests and identifying drug users, these experts can also refer students and schools to other professionals who can aid and help heal young drug users.

Roles of Teachers

Children often look up to their teachers. Therefore, schoolteachers, including coaches, school staff and administrators, should strive to be good role models for kids. They can help youngsters is so many different ways.

– Educators can show children that they can get help and support from people and groups who are there for them. This allows young users to feel that they are not alone.

– It is also very helpful if teachers, as well as guidance counselors, listen to kids’ problems. They should be able to tell if teens are having more serious problems so that they can readily assist when needed.

– Teachers should also encourage kids to join clubs or sports. By fostering a more active and busy lifestyle, kids are removed from circumstances that make them vulnerable to becoming drug users.

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