Selk’bag 4G Lite for Kids is a perfect TEN

Selk'Bag 4G Lite for Kids in Hyacinth Violet

This is the first year that my family is going to try out camping and I’m happy to say there are a lot of things to consider.  If you are a pro at camping or new to camping in Texas or throughout the United States, you may be interested in learning more about camping from the Texas Outdoor Family Program put on by the Texas Park and Wildlife Department.  They have a list of courses that you can take at many of the State’s wildlife parks to make your camping experience educational and fun.  As much as we love camping horror stories, let’s keep those for around the campfire.

I started researching more about camping and becoming excited about it because I received sample of a kid’s sleeping bag called the Selk’bag 4G Lite for Kids.  It’s a sleepwear system that is a wearable sleeping bag.  My daughter loves sleeping bags and with Spring Break and the family camping season coming around the corner here in Texas I thought this would be a fantastic time to learn more about this incredible product and learn more about camping in Texas.  The name Selk comes from the nomadic Chilean Selk’nam people and the Selk’bag is manufactured by Chilean company, Musuc.  Chilean graphic designer Rodrigo Alonso Schramm created this design with arms, legs and a hood.  For the kid’s version it has a pouch in the front.

Selk’bag 4G Lite for Kids

This product is really not recommended for kids under 7 years old.  My daughter is 4 turning on 5, but she is already about 4 feet tall and fits the K1 measurement requirements perfectly.  So when she got into the Selk’bag 4G Lite for Kids, she could easily fit in the size K1 version.  If your child is smaller than the K1 size (see requirements), I would not recommend this product since it would be bulky for a small child.  For my child she loved it and here’s why:

  • It had a lot of oversized zippers that were easy for her to use in opening and closing.  No fussing around for small hands.
  • It came rolled up in its own little duffle bag that folded up very small and it was easy for her to carry and it was smaller than her school backpack.
  • One of the things she liked the most was that it had many different pockets on this Selk’bag which allowed her to put things such as candy, flashlights, a baggy of snacks or trailmix and even a granola bar or a small bottle of water.  She can even fit a portable game player or Mp3 player in the pockets and keep it out of sight from other little hands in the house.
  • It was pretty – She loved the pink color and she even liked using this bag just to watch television in the living room.

Durable and Usable

Selk'Bag fits into it's own bag

Now as far as what I liked about this product:

  • Quality and durability:  I could not believe the quality of the product.  It didn’t feel like it was going to fall apart on  her.  The outer shell is made from 50 denier lightweight nylon taffeta and the filling is a bonded polyester hollow fiber. It was light enough to wear and keep her warm.  While it still retains its bulk (it’s still a sleeping bag) it was still moveable.
  • She could still walk in it:  Why nylon soles with anti-slip pads at the bottom of the feet, she could easily still walk in it and the arms allowed for a quick Velcro type release so she could stick her hands out if need be.
  • The stitching:  The collard stitching on the side made this wearable sleeping bag secure and it was not cheap stitching that would fall apart easily
  • The bag it came in:  It was about as easy to stuff into the bag as some air mattresses, but using my ability to squeeze out air and roll it nicely, I was able to get it back in its little bag and tighten the bundle to make for easy carrying.
  • Waterproof: Of course, this product is definitely waterproof whether it is by rain, drink or some other liquid.  It’s covered.
  • Retails for just $79.00:  considering the quality and durability it’s worth it.  This product will grow with my child just in time for my next child to grow into it.

The camping bucket-list

So I’m actually looking forward to spending time at many of Texas state and national parks and with choices that range from checking out the stars at Big Bend National Park or tracking dinosaur prints in Glen Rose, I’m excited that we get to use the Selk’bag.  I’m actually going to buy an adult one for myself since I love this product so much.  Visiting the top 50 campsites in Texas is a to-do on my bucket list.

Enter to win a free Selk’Bag 4G Lite for Kids

In celebration of the girls in my life and to give girls more exposure to outdoor adventures, I’m holding a Girl’s Day Giveaway that includes a FREE Selk’bag Youth among other prizes.  To go to the giveaway, just enter here.  Giveaway ends on March 3, 2012.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this product a 10. 

Sleepovers just got more fun with the addition of the 4G Lite Sleepwear System from Selk’bag (www.selkbagusacom). This lightweight, brightly colored, wearable sleeping bag adds adventure and comfort to indoor activities from gaming, playing to of course sleeping!

The uncommonly comfortable Selk’bag is an excellent solution for those who are unsatisfied with traditional mummy or rectangular sleeping bags.

Reinforced nylon soles and ripstop and water-resistant fabric make the 4G Lite durable for outdoor or indoor use. The 4G Lite’s thermal collar and baffled construction keep the wearer warm at all angles, as well.

Available in kid and adult sizing at, the 4G Lite comes in three bold, fun colors – Dark Shadow, a dark grey, Surf the Web, a royal blue, and Hyacinth Violet.

Technical features include:
•Baffled construction to eliminate cold spots
•Soft, yet durable ripstop nylon shell with DWR (durable water resistant) finish
•Reinforced nylon soles prevent wear and lateral grips give traction on multiple surfaces
•A hood with drawstring for added warmth
•Compacting carry sack
•Thermal collar around the head and neck to prevent drafts
•Exaggerated draft tubes to stop heat loss around zippers
•Wide zipper tape, preventing snags

Disclaimer: Promotional consideration was given to provide a product review and giveaway for this product.  All opinions presented are 100% my own.  For more information, please read my disclosure page.