Sometimes It Is What You Don’t Do That Saves Your Child

 Emergencies are oftentimes accompanied by panic which is one of the worst things you can do especially if you are a parent.

The hard truth is that majority of us are always caught unprepared when it comes to addressing emergency situations, which is why we often end up doing the wrong things and ultimately causing more harm than good.

To help avert exacerbating an injury, here is a list of the most common first aid mistakes that you need to avoid in times of emergency and panic.

Situation 1: Your daughter accidentally cuts a part of her finger off while slicing carrots.

Don’t: When this happens, many of us jump to save the detached finger by placing it directly on ice which can damage its nerves and tissues.

Do: To preserve the severed finger, your best option is to place it in slightly wet gauze before placing it inside a watertight plastic bag then put it on ice.

Situation 2: Your son slips on the bathroom floor and accidentally knocks out one of his teeth.

Don’t: Do not scrub on the tooth itself as it can cause damage to its enamel.

Do: Give it a gentle rinse and place the tooth in a plastic bag with milk before taking it to the emergency room.

Situation 3: Your toddler surprises you in the kitchen and inadvertently burns his hand on your pot of stew.

Don’t: Many assume that ice and lotion are the perfect first aid remedies for burns. Others opt to cover the affected area with a towel or blanket which can cause some of the fabric’s fibers to cling onto the burnt skin or peel off blisters.

Do: Immediately take you son’s hand and wash it in cool running water. Pat dry and apply a good antibiotic cream or ointment to help soothe your child’s skin. For larger and more severe burns, it is best to immediately drive to the nearest hospital.

Situation 4: While practicing for her ballet recital, your little ballerina twists and sprains her ankle.

Don’t: Using heating pads on an already inflamed ankle will only aggravate the situation.

Do: Instead of resorting to heat, grab the nearest ice pack to treat the injured ankle and help minimize inflammation.

Situation 5: While rummaging through your laundry room, your young tot unknowingly drinks from one of your household cleansers.

Don’t: Never force your child to vomit or try to give him syrups or drinks to flush out the poison.

Do: Bring your child to the nearest poison control clinic or hospital for treatment and evaluation.

These are just a few of the most common family injuries and emergencies that happen every day. Understanding the right response will go a long way to helping your child heal quickly.

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