Talking to your young child about divorce with Mavis Prall Cohen

This Love is ForeverWhen my then 4 year old daughter rambled up to me after preschool to show me a picture she drew of her family I couldn’t help but get a little apprehensive. In the photo was a large beautiful house with trees, rainbows and flowers. Each family member was drawn in purple and blue crayon with her sister having a larger than life smile and my stick figure being severely underweight. In this picture my daughter also included her dad who I had been divorced from since she was born. See my daughter never experienced one moment where both mom and dad lived in the same house. So seeing this picture took me back as I realized it was time to have this chat about the different types of family relationships. At the time there was not a lot of children’s books about divorce and none for a child so young. I also believe my own inexperience with divorce and the nonexistent to horrible communication and coparenting I have with my ex contributes to the frustration. As much as I have compromised with him, I got to a point most recently where I just stopped trying and just talked about the basics if he ever answers the phone. So these complex issues are difficult to discuss with my daugher who is now 6 years old.

The author of This Love is Forever created this special book to say in written word what us as divorced parents can’t say or explain to the most precious people in our lives. Mavis Prall Cohen wrote This Love is Forever when her own daughter Lizzie was very young. Like me, her daughter began asking questions and yet at such a young age, they cannot truly comprehend the words but they are aware that something is different. I experience this with my daughter Baylee, whose own father doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Explaining to your children these difficult subjects is necessary and an honest answer builds trust with them. Keeping them secure will be the foundation of their development. Mavis has a master’s degree from Northwestern University and was also a child of divorce. It is through this insight that she was able to write this book.


This book starts out by discussing the setting: HOME! It describes how the houses are different and then it transitions to why a marriage may fail in simple terms but that love is ever present. It then goes on to a series of easy poems and rhymes by which kids will understand stressing the love that is there. A the end of the book it allows children to draw their own pictures and is a great way for parents to share with children.

Child’s Point of View

From my daughter’s point of view she loved the illustrations. While working with her I had to ask her questions about the characters and who she thought was the mom and dad. Reading to her helped her to learn words and then I was able to ask her about her own feelings. Her impression of relationships between adults seems a little distorted so I had the challenge of stressing to her about her family situation and to not look at it as something abnormal or to be ashamed of.

She enjoys this book and she enjoys reading it to her younger siblings.

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  • Velvet Hubler

    This sounds like a great way to explain to the children involved in a divorce