Target makeovers for 32 school libraries nationwide

Hall Elementary School

L.K. Hall Elementary School library. Credit: North Dallas Gazette

Target Corporation has a special program to help Title 1 schools achieve academic success through the Target School Library Makeover program. Partnering with the Heart of America Foundation, with this program schools get 2,000 new books, larger library spaces, new carpet and furniture, up to date technology and hardware along with seven new books for each student to take home. Local Target stores are also linked with each school to provide not just financial support but also volunteer resources. In 2012, 32 school libraries received a makeover including Dallas Independent School District’s Hall Elementary School on Keats Drive. Some of the things they also received were new iPads.

On October 3, George Washington Carver Learning Center unveiled their new library makeover which also included volunteers painting inspiration murals and artwork. In addition to the work in the library, each student at Carver was provided seven new books of their own to take home. Four Dallas ISD schools that previously received library makeovers received $15,000 reading grants.

Target volunteers draw inspiration murals outside of George Washington Carver Learning Center credit: DISD

If you are not aware of what Title 1 schools are, they are schools that fall into the definition of having a certain percentage of students at/or below the poverty level. My daughter goes to a Title 1 school and for kids having the opportunity to get access to the amenities available in a new library is just tremendous. Many things we take for granted such as books and access to books can really limit a child’s ability to plan for success. If you can’t access the video below, you can watch the video here!

In the video above I had the chance to interview Reba Dominski, director of community relations at Target. She was also raised by a single mother and so we discussed the challenges that single parents have and many of these Title 1 schools that Target is able to help have students being raised by single parents.

One of the additional things we talked about was what kinds of additional resources will these schools need to support the Target School Librarylibrary. These schools must also manage their budgets so that they can provide a technology resource to assist the librarians and the students in using these new technologies and hardware. I can definitely see the progress in my daughter as her kindergarten class exclusively has computers.

Target also revisited the 118 schools that previously received a Target School Library Makeover to gave additional reading resources—in the form of $1.5 million in reading grants and a literacy pilot program—for students and teachers.

The 2012 program is set to impact 150 schools and provide more than $12 million toward their needs; it’s all part of Target’s plans to give $1 billion for education by the end of 2015.

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