The buffet line of dating in Dallas

There seems to be a proliferation of low hanging fruit at the online dating buffet line.  I can’t sugarcoat this enough and for all my happily married and coupled friends that will get great roses at Valentine’s Day.  I implore to you that the grass is not greener on the lonelier side of this fence.

There, I said it.  But let me just say, I have made a proclamation that online dating is like a buffet line.  Online sites like  and others do a great job at providing every kind of imaginable way to meet someone.  Tons of profiles and less intimidating ways of communicating with someone, But now matter how you slice your fruit, it’s still just fruit in the appetizer line of that dating buffet.

I’m not disgusted by online dating or meeting someone online but I am just surprised at someone’s behavior when they barely know you.  I had the privilege to learn just how disrespectful someone can be.  I posted a photo of myself online and the guy messaged me to tell me that I had a big booty.  Wow!  What a surprise?  Like I didn’t know that.  That was probably because he was at a different comfort level than me in terms of what he was going to communicate to me.  I promptly ignored his online messages.  It’s more polite to do that in my opinion than it is to have a full drawn out argument or discussion about how to treat a lady.

Dallas has some great restaurants

The other night I went to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the Capital Grille.    I had a good time, I ate a seared ahi dish and we topped it off with Sprinkle’s Cupcakes.  Now at a restaurant like the Capital Grille, there is a certain level of service that you just expect.  It’s a fine dining establishment with premium wines and best in class waitstaff.  My time there was not a waste and with good food and excellent service I was fulfilled.

Now I could easily go to any buffet restaurant in Dallas, TX and get more food for my buck.  However, I’m sacrificing quality for quantity.  Now that is my dating metaphor.  Online dating is a buffet, more to choose from at a cheaper price but quality is hard to come by and can’t be identified until you meet the person face to face.

He has a Lamborghini but still pays rent instead of a mortgage

The thing about a buffet line is that it’s really hard to tell if something tastes good.  How many of you pick up something to eat and then take a bite and hate it?  I do that.  When something goes wrong, I just pick up a new plate and get something else at the buffet.  This is like online dating.  Something doesn’t go right and they are off to get a new plate and a new helping.

I met a guy online who told me first about his car.  Then when we went out he apologized about his car.  He has a Lamborghini but he’s still paying rent.  The red flag went off because I thought, if you have a Lamborghini than why are you here?  No doubt the date was a dud, BUT the buffet continues.

I’ll take the special

So I’m opting to take the special.  The one that is exquisitely prepared by a master chef.  You take one bite and you are in heaven.  The one that thinks about the occasion as in what’s the right thing to say with a little bit of thought and respect for my feelings and interests.  The unique and once in awhile experience.  When a chef chooses a special, they are choosing a dish with ingredients that are in season, at it’s most freshest and the most pleasing.  Wouldn’t you want a man that was ripe too or at his very best?

I’m going to try a different angle to this whole dating thing and meet people with shared interests instead.  An outlet for my creativity and communication that might wrangle up someone of interests.  I don’t need to put a profile out there but it would be nice to get a feel for some interesting individuals instead of the hum drum set who only seem to like sports and steak.

Dallas, Why settle for low hanging fruit?  It’s time to start looking at yourself as the special.  The coveted reservation at the fine dining restaurant instead of cold meal left over a burner in the buffet line.