Top 5 Tricks To Getting The Goods!

The Marvel ExperienceSpring and summer constitute the two seasons when estate sales flourish, but most importantly, these seasons are the perfect time of the year to get your hands on excellent purchases at virtually inexpensive prices. After all, when the snow is 2 feet high or when the rains never stop pouring, what homeowner would enjoy having a throng of customers drag mud and dirt all over his carpets?

However, it does not suffice to go treasure hunting during these seasons in order to ensure you have a myriad of useful collectibles at your disposal. This is what I’ve learned from the numerous estate sales I’ve visited that I’m about to share with you. Some of you still doubt the potential of these sales and are still inexplicably very reluctant to participate in them! But it’s my intention to change your mind and here is what you need to know.

If you want cheap goods, always visit the estate sales organized on Sunday!

Perhaps most people are put off by the idea of large crowds swarming through confided spaces.

During summer the smell of sweat in the air and the unbearable heat are two of the factors that make us avoid public transportation and estate sales. However, keep in mind that most estate sales last for a couple of days and typically end on Sunday. By that time, the regular enthusiasts have long since sorted the merchandize and have gone back to their home, either to auction the goods or to enjoy them.

Therefore, you can scavenge almost every estate sale on Sunday in peace, quiet and without dealing with the buzzing crows. An additional aspect that I want to mention is that on the last day the price of the items on sale is considerably reduced because the person organizing it wants to make sure that everything goes.

Choose the right areas: well established neighborhoods in the suburbs

I consider these zones ideal for estate sales compared to more recent neighborhoods because the odds of finding loot in a home that has been inhabited for half a century are definitely better. Think about it, can you imagine how many antiques and collectibles have gathered in the home of a couple who lived in that house since the dawn of World War 2? How about the home of a bachelor that just moved in 2 years ago? The age of the neighborhood can and always will make a difference!

Mark your destination on the map and hit the road

Based on what I’ve just taught you, you can utilize various map services to add the location of the estate sales that you want to visit.

Choose the best route between them in order to ensure that you have sufficient time to get to all of them before closing time and step on the gas. You have less than 12 hours and your trunk is empty, so what are you waiting for?

Know the people that you should talk to on the premises

Now, don’t forget that in an overwhelming majority of cases the estate sales are organized by specialized companies, but their job is not to ensure the security. They are simply tasked with evaluating the price of the inventory and slapping on the labels. After a while, you will begin to notice that some of the people present do not fit this profile, based on how they’re suspiciously eyeballing everyone.

Yeah, you guessed it, these are the members of the family and they constitute the best source of information concerning worthwhile goods that you can hope for. Instead of avoiding them, it is in your best interest to spark a conversation and inform them on the type of items you are trying to find. Being friendly with them is highly likely to get you walking out that door with a bunch of nice stuff that cost you next to nothing.

Leave no stone unturned

You’ve checked out all the rooms in the house without any luck and you are ready to depart to your next destination. But wait, did you try the basement, laundry room and garage? Most people are inclined to forget – or discard – these locations, but the truth is that I have found them to be goldmines. The garage and the basement are the kind of place where people tend to bury stuff and forget about it completely, so start digging!


I’m Chad and I see myself as an ultimate treasure hunter. I cherish my experience in estate sales and that is something I would like to share with my readers!

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  • Jon

    Great tips. I’m a huge estate sale shopper and have learned to take my time at sales. Sometimes, its easy to rush in and rush out so you can move on to the next, but you will definitely miss things this way.