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This year my family and I are eating at a friend’s house with a large gathering of 12 to 15 people and we are deep frying turkey AND cooking a ham.  TXU Energy have put out a list of how much electricity is used to cook a Thanksgiving turkey (remember the figures below do not include the hams that may also be cooked) and how much that can cost you on your electric bill.  In a recent article I wrote for Examiner.com, I wrote that:

TXU Energy is talking turkey this Thanksgiving about energy efficiency and providing tips on cooking and feasting for the holidays.

Did you know that 46 million turkeys were consumed last Thanksgiving and the average weight  per turkey was 16 pounds. Since the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends cooking a thawed, stuffed turkey that size for 4-4.5 hours and electric ovens set at 350º for an hour use 2 kWh, you could be consuming roughly 8 kWh of electricity just to cook your holiday bird, not including the sides. Source: The National Turkey Federation

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Deep Frying your Turkey

Do you need some extra hints for deep frying your turkey?  Check out the National Turkey Federation’s site with great deep frying tips and recipes as well as the history of the turkey and amazing other facts and recipes for going cold turkey.  LOL!

Deep fried turkey originated in the southern United States but is popular today throughout North America. Quickly cooked, deep-fried turkey is rich in flavor with a golden brown crispy exterior while moist and fork-tender on the interior. It’s a perfect twist for barbecues, block parties, tailgate parties, holiday feasts and informal wedding receptions. In fact, some charitable organizations have replaced traditional holiday dinners with deep-fried turkey extravaganzas.

A Few of Our Favorite Deep-Fried Turkey Recipes

Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

Ginger & Rosemary Deep Fried Turkey
Southern Deep Fried Turkey
Louisiana Fried Turkey Breast
Asian Style Deep-Fried Turkey
Bayou Deep Fried Turkey

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