MOM Power: The family battle over the AC Thermostat

In the last post the DFW area mom bloggers had met at the home of Jo Trizila for a TXU Energy Home Makeover. At the event, one of the topics of coversation that came about was the battle over the settings on the AC thermostat. Jill from BabyRabies mentioned that she along with many of the mom bloggers work from home and so when their husbands ask them to increase the setting – they have a real problem with that.

Per Jill, I’m at home all day, while you are at work. You don’t know what it feels like to be in the house with such hot temperatures outside.

Families in North Texas are getting ready for school and are facing increased school costs, daycare costs, grocery costs and automobile gas costs. Families are also facing a very hot summer with temperatures over 100 degrees for the last 19 days. So most North Texas families are waging a battle over the AC thermostat. One of the products presented at the event was the Brighten iThermostat.

Amanda Ray from TXU Energy demos the Brighten iThermostat

Many of the moms were impressed with the Brighten iThermostat product to win the war over the thermostat. One of the best features they liked about it was that it was completely web programmable. Mom bloggers are a very active web group that interacts with others frequently.

– 87.1 million women online are active on a weekly basis in social media (including blog interactions, Facebook, message boards, and other social networking sites). (BlogHer/iVillage)
– 90% of moms are online vs. just 76% of women in general. (eMarketer)

So being web enabled is very important to mom bloggers and functionality and ease of use are something that they will definitely recommend. As part of the web enabled programming they liked seeing the actual costs in dollars and cents of what raising the temperature by a few degrees will save. This feature is called the Spending Forecaster™.
Its something that they can share with their children and help educate them about energy conservation.

Jennifer from Real Posh Mom mentioned that if the kids can see in dollars and cents what the difference is, it makes it easier for them to not touch the thermostat setting.

Being able to control it from their web enabled device was a very positive thing for moms. In case they went on vacation or they were out for part of the day, they could control the temperature and set it accordingly so that they had the right temperature when they got home.

Being able to control, forecast and anticipate what your energy bill is going to look like was the real value to these moms. It was great to hear about something that could help you save money, save elecricity and be more energy efficient. With the increase in costs in other household expenses, being able to save on a utility bill that is typically high in the summer is welcome news for families.

To learn more about the Brighten iThermostat, please click here!

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