Video Blog: My favorite eBay memory

I’m glad to be able to present to everyone this video blog about my experiences with eBay. While sometimes things go perfect and sometimes things don’t, without eBay I’m not sure how I would be saving money on my textbooks in college, getting rid of unwanted items and earning extra cash to support my family. This is my first attempt at a video for my blog using the webcam on my HP Touchsmart. A desktop that I purchased from TXcess Surplus, a computer reseller on eBay. This video also gives me a chance to reflect a lot on my eBay history as well as my plans with eBay for the future.

As I sit here I’m trying out a new feature called Stuff by eBay. It scans your email for receipts and shopping history to provide an analysis of your purchase. This is in the beta stage but for single moms trying to budget it’s a great tool to scan your shopping habits, determine if there was a price drop on an item that you bought, and determine how much you spend on average for a particular category. This can help you with your budgeting.

To learn more about Stuff by eBay, visit Since it’s still on beta, the functionality is not quite complete but I think it gives a great graphical layout of your purchases with a timeline.

Now on to the video

Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite eBay posts:

The Trip I got to go on with selling proceeds from eBay: Maui. This trip could not have been possible without tireless efforts of selling on eBay. Another of my favorite posts are how a single mom can make ends meet with eBay especially in these tough economic times. With about 46% of past due child support in Dallas County, there are a lot of single parents that need to find a way to earn some money. Another one of my favorite posts is about eBay’s Giving program. This past Christmas I was able to donate a portion of what I sold to Toys for Tots as a part of the eBay Giving Works Program. A few of my other favorite posts include teaching my nephews on how they can make money on eBay. This has also inspired Grandma and Grandpa to get into eBay selling as well. Lastly, to round out my top 5 eBay posts which is the one of the earliest ones where I listed and sold an item in less than an hour. This definitely speaks to the speed of eBay.

What’s next?

So what’s coming up next for Dallas Single Mom and eBay? Well I plan on creating another online website store selling Asian imports and creating a companion eBay store. This will be a family business. Other plans I have for eBay is to get into more niche products. I have found that video games and DVD’s seem to sell well so will stick to that. I will also venture into more collectibles and gifts that my parents retail business does. That means going to garage sales, thrift stores and auctions to find products for eBay selling. I also plan on exploring more of eBay’s online apps and community forums.

I’m also setting a new goal for eBay. This is a pretty lofty one but one that I believe I can manage. For 2014, my goal is to use eBay to save up for a Disney Cruise Vacation out of Galveston, TX. Budgeting at about $1,200 per person we are looking at about $5,000 by March 2014. Let’s see if I reach my goal.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel Ambassador program. I am a sponsored member. All opinions presented are 100% my own.