Where to Find a Date During the Holiday Season and Where to Take Them

If you’re single during the holidays, you might be dreading the family meet-ups that result in aunts poking around in your dating life or lack thereof. However, the holiday season is not only a time of suffering, it also offers you some great opportunities to meet that special someone (who might be going through the exact same thing this very moment). In fact, the holiday season might be a particular great time for dating as there’s not only some meeting opportunities you wouldn’t usually have, but also date ideas that work especially great at this time of the year.

First things first: Where to find your date.

With half the population being out gift shopping, that’s the perfect opportunity to approach someone for gift advice. The ‘I’m looking for a gift for my [brother/sister], can I get a [male/female] opinion on this’ line isn’t exactly new, but during the holidays it’s a perfect and harmless ice breaker to strike up a conversation in any department store.

Still have the jitters when approaching someone in person? Luckily, there’s the internet. It’s peak season on dating sites. With people having time off during the holidays and being aware how everybody else is meeting up, lots of people decide to give online dating a try and sign up for sites like cupid.com. What’s great for single parents is that you don’t have to adjust your schedule and read and send messages whenever you have some free time. You can also head over to Cupid’s Library to find out which dating sites are currently worth signing up for.

Too focused on work? Why not make it a trip to the beach? Lots of singles decide it’s the right time to escape the jingle bells bombardment and take a take a trip to the beach. Meeting someone on holidays can be easier since people are in a more relaxed and open mindset and the beach is a great, kids-friendly place to socialize.

Where to take your date

Found Mr. Right or at least, Mr. Does-Not-Live-With-His-Mom-Anymore? Then there’s a few great holiday dates that you don’t usually get to do at other times of the year. Take advantage of them to get to know your date while having a fun time out.

Is there a holiday market in your city? It’s a cheerful place to meet up, grab a bite, chat and stroll between the stalls while getting to know each other better. Perfect for an after-work meet up without being too formal and giving you the opportunity to call things off after a drink if the two of you don’t click.

If you have the chance, give ice-skating a try. You don’t have to be a stand-in at Disney-On-Ice to have fun on an ice rink. With people on dates usually being so focused on leaving a good impression, you here have an easy way to take yourself less serious, fall on your behind and laugh it off. Plus, you get to find out how serious someone else takes themselves as well.

Are you more of a nature person? Why not head out for a snow walk? It’s also great way to introduce your date to your kids – bring a sled, have a snowball fight. It’s fun, a great environment to interact and plenty of entertainment for the little ones. If your date never had kids of their own, they will worry less about how to handle themselves around them and making it easier for themselves to engage.

Try something new

Instead of finding a date and then deciding what to do, why not try it the other round? At HowAboutWe this is exactly how it works. It’s a dating site where instead of posting a profile, you post a date idea and people then contact you if they’re up for it.

Take advantage of these once a year opportunities to have a good time, meet someone nice and maybe get the chance to take jabs at your relatives’ dating life during the next holiday season.

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