You’re not allowed to be friends with my wife anymore . . . .

I get hate mail from PETA, evangelicals, and Republicans so let’s add someone else to the list.

I’m happy to report that I just got my first scolding from a disgruntled husband. These kinds of things I wear like badges of honor because frankly this is the reason why I love being single. I would never tolerate my husband telling me, “Do not contact my wife anymore!” Frankly I’ll do whatever I want and if she contacts me, which she is then we can leave it at that.

So the reason why “Kung Fu Panda” is upset is because of my blog post yesterday about meeting my ex husband’s girlfriend. This was how our conversation started.

Also, it doesn’t end there because we ended up in Text Message hell from which I had to literally threaten “Kung Fu Panda” that I was going to file a police report. Yes this ended very badly and I lost a friend in the battle. I view married couples as one individual and to be honest this is probably for the best because considering that my ex husband likes to record my conversations, I really don’t want to sit amongst a bunch of friends with CB4A around possibly examining how I am, dissecting my parenting style or telling my ex what I mentioned in a casual conversation. Too much stress for that. I bid my friend a farewell, settled on getting the gifts back and told her I’d see her in another lifetime.

So this is what his own boss said?

So his boss, CB4A, made comments about him (her employee) at the baby shower. She said he needs to communicate better and that he’s not good speaking to “stupid” people. Actually based on the above, he’s not good at speaking with anybody. I actually stood up for Kung Fu Panda and said I was surprised at that. I wonder if that company (Which is a Fortune 100 company) would be ok with the fact that CB4A views the customers and other employees as “Stupid.” I also wonder if other employees that work there would be ok with the fact that she discusses work related items at private functions. Hmmmmm!!!! You decide!

So I did what any normal woman does and that is to unfriend and block them on Facebook, remove them from groups, unlike their page and keep track of all the texts and conversations for a later date.

So are you going to apologize? No. to who? CB4A? No. This is a good lesson that she should keep her private life to herself instead of trying to make herself “fit in” and “look good” by talking about her problems to complete strangers and to her employees.

Should I apologize to anyone Yes! to my friend that the baby shower was in honor of. Now we can’t be friends and that bums me out a lot.So whether her husband likes it or not I’m sending out my Congratulations early for the new arrival.

Here are some of the text messages I received from my friends as they digested this entire conversation:

OMG . . . . you didn’t write anything about her!!!!!! U wrote about the event !!!!!! Ugh!

She (CB4A) is going to wish that you (me) warned her after he (my ex) puts her through the ringer.

Why I love being single?

This is the reason why i love being single. I don’t have my husband fighting my battles for me or telling me who I can and cannot talk to. Just the other day at the museum I saw a disgruntled husband who didn’t want to be there. He brought the car around and wouldn’t even get out to help his crying son into the minivan. The wife didn’t say a word. If this was me, you’d be damn sure that I’d tell my husband to get his lazy butt out of the car and help. LOL! Really though? Would I even marry a lazy son of a gun. No way!

Was I being childish? Depends on who you are asking. Like I said, I’m a blogger which means I blog about many things and I blog about my experiences. If I didn’t go through the things I go through then I couldn’t help many of you who ask me for help. Considering what I’ve been through with my ex with regards to the year’s of financial hardship, his bullying, his recording of my calls I think I can act out every once in a while. Better than going totally postal on the public. I’d like to think I’m perfect and that just being a mom and praying can get me through tough times but sometimes we want to be mad. My ex is like herpes. When I think he’s under control, something keeps flaring up. Ugh!

Disclaimer: All opinions presented are 100% my own.