The Ugly and Beautiful Truth about Divorce

Reader Advice: Why do single moms go on dating sites and don’t go on dates?

15 Must Have Healthy Foods

True Food Kitchen’s Weekend Warrior Smoothie

15 Must Have Healthy Foods

Introduction: I love this complete list of healthy foods that should become like second nature to you when you are at the grocery store. Many of these I use on…

It was a Herculean type of weekend

2014-07-27 12.26.36

Trying to recap my weekend is a bit like trying to stuff too much into a suitcase. No matter how much you fold, refold it all just won’t fit. My weekends are busy as I’m not only a single mom but I have a day job and I own a few online businesses. There are more »

Surrender and Soulmates: The art of letting go


I can say in my 35 years of life on this planet earth I have never ever used the term soulmates or even believed in soulmates. Most psychics or astrologers will talk about soulmates and many different articles on the subject will pop up on the Internet. I can say that I have had deep, more »

How much is really required of you?


I rarely write a blog post on Friday nights because most people (including me) are out and about and very rarely check social media or read blogs. Today was a very long day and I’m glad I chose to stay home and spend time with Baby B tonight since this weekend will be filled with more »

Using positive reality to make it each day


On my personal Facebook page I received a message from a former hula brother of mine named Kaimi wanting to tell me hello. He had seen a YouTube video of Anna Akana entitled, How to Put on Your Face. In the video, Ms Akana talks about what positive thinking can do to make you look more »