My love affair with Denton Square

Denton County Courthouse

I really wasn’t too excited about heading to Denton yesterday. The last time I was in Denton Square specifically was 9 – 10 years ago when I was training for a marathon. At that time the square seemed to be run down. More like a relic of the past. Stores with dirty windows graced the more »

My daughter doesn’t need a father


My middle daughter does not have a father that is active in her life. His exact email/message to me was specific. He didn’t want to be involved unless he had to pay child support because he could barely afford to take care of himself. That’s it in a nutshell. Explaining to a 4 year old in more »

It was a Herculean type of weekend

2014-07-27 12.26.36

Trying to recap my weekend is a bit like trying to stuff too much into a suitcase. No matter how much you fold, refold it all just won’t fit. My weekends are busy as I’m not only a single mom but I have a day job and I own a few online businesses. There are more »

15 Must Have Healthy Foods

Fruits and Veggies

Introduction: I love this complete list of healthy foods that should become like second nature to you when you are at the grocery store. Many of these I use on a daily basis in my smoothies such as flax seed, egg whites and blueberries. As part of my new regimen I have a smoothie daily more »